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Story Of Mystery-chapter 13 (part I)

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by vee23, Jun 16, 2017.

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    It’s a beautiful morning, birds chirping outside and sun rays peeping into the window wakes up Veronica. She feels fresh and energetic and gets down from her bed and walks to the window to feel the essence of morning mist.

    She gets ready with her formal suit and matching ear studs with a bracelet on the one hand and a watch in the other. She picks up her handbag, some file and a coffee mug leave her house. She takes the cab and reaches to the place she wanted to visit.

    Veronica steps out of the cab and walks to the door and presses the doorbell.

    Hey Veronica, how are you? Nice to see you back and we are happy to get back our daughter speaks Jaanvi as soon she opens the door.

    Veronica: I am doing good aunt, thank you. Can I see Aadya?

    Jaanvi: Yes she in the bedroom. You can go and see her, and I will get you something to drink.

    Veronica walks into the bedroom. She sees Aadya sleeping in her bed tied with the bandage around her head and stomach, Anvay sitting next to her feeding her water. Vrishab and Aanya are talking.

    Veronica: It’s good to see you all together.

    Everyone’s face turns to shock and becomes silent as soon they see Veronica stepping into the room.

    Veronica: Hey Aadya, Finally, I see you in person. How are you doing?

    Aadya: Yes, I am doing better. My lawyer did the procedures to close the case yesterday with Rihan. Is there anything pending?

    Veronica utters a word ‘Truth.’

    Aadya: Sorry, Did you say something?

    Veronica: Oh, nothing. I just came to see you and talk with you, wanted to see in person whom I have been searching all these days. So what happened to you?

    Aadya: As I already told, I just met with an accident.

    Veronica: Accident? Accident with a knife and which made you go coma for four days …

    Everyone in the room gets shocked. Anvay drops the glass containing water from his hand.

    No one utters a word. A pin drop silence surrounds the room.

    Veronica turns to Anvay and speaks.

    Veronica: Be careful Anvay you spilt the water.

    Anvay is sweating and trying to wipe his face.

    Veronica: Where did you go Anvay even after we ordered you not to go anywhere?

    Anvay tries to speak, in his little voice ‘No…I went…’

    Veronica: It’s okay, now the case is getting closed. I think you need to pay the bill for your phone.

    Anvay sees her in shock and recollects the day when he had received a call.

    A few days before

    That morning he gets a call from an unknown number, immediately after that call he just goes to his office, talks to his manager and applies the leaves. After that without informing anyone, he directly runs to the place where he had asked to come.


    Anvay… Anvay… Vrishab calls his name twice.

    Anvay comes back from his memories.

    Veronica speaks, looks like your friend needs some rest, he looks too much stressed.

    Vrishab: Yes he needs some rest. He will be all right.

    Vrishab senses that Veronica is here not just to see and talk with Aadya, but to find out what happened. So he thinks, better to make her leave.

    Vrishab: I think Aadya needs some rest.So shall we leave?

    Veronica: Yes sure, but aunt is getting me a coffee.You know I can’t leave without sipping coffee.

    Vrishab you’re a such a true friend.They’re lucky to get you as mutual friend, very caring person. Are you like this with all your friends, your old roommate?

    Vrishab remembers that night after the party.

    Day incident took place

    Friday night after the party, he met his friend at the parking lot, and his friend asks the car. Vrishab agrees to give his car to him later that night who wants to visit his uncle who was serious and hospitalised. After that Vrishab drives to Anvay’s home to drop him. When he arrives and helps him to unlock the door, suddenly a voice shouting in pain comes from in. He rushes inside and sees in the shock.


    Jaanvi enters the room and brings the coffee for everyone, which interrupts Vrishab’s thoughts.

    Veronica: Thanks, aunt, I love the coffee

    Jaanvi: Thank God, our Aadya is back. These kids think everything as fun, and this is a lesson for you Aadya. Don’t ever even think of prank in your life.

    Veronica: What happened aunt?

    Jaanvi: She wanted to play a prank with Anvay. On a Friday night, she took a small bottle of blood and sprinkled on the bedspread and placed a knife on the bed and at the time when he arrived she played the audio of shouting in pain and left the house from back door to come here. While coming to our house, she met with an accident, and someone hospitalised her, thank him. She lost her cell phone when that tragic happened, and now she knows the value of the blood.

    Jaanvi with her mixed emotions, angry on her prank and happy that she is back, leaves the room.

    Veronica speaks, has this only happened? Gives a smile with raising her eyebrows and sipping the coffee seeing everyone.

    Veronica: Hey Aanya, good to see you. I just heard your name, and you have an excellent wardrobe collection. I have something to give you.

    Veronica hands her a very tiny gift box. Everyone gets confused and sees in curious.

    Aanya takes the box, her hand shivers and tries to open it slowly, as she opens everyone’s heart beat increases and surrounds with tension. Aanya raises her head and sees Veronica in shock.

    Veronica: This one fits your bracelet, I think this blue stone has fallen from it.

    ** Next Read the Part II ***
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