Getting the most out of our community

We want to make sure that you have the best experience at Indusladies. To help with that we have organized all the information to guide you around the community.


Getting Practical Answers, Advice and Help

With Indusladies, you can get practical help on almost any topic. Start with doing a simple search within the site to find existing content on your topic of interest. You can then navigate to the forum of your interest and ask for advice and guidance on your specific situation.

Site Help & Feedback

To get help with using the site, please visit our comprehensive help section. If you couldn’t find the answers or need further help, please submit a request and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible!

Make Friends and Get Connected

Indusladies is a great platform to build authentic and enduring friendships. The best way to find people of similar interest or life stage is to join our groups. You can also find people in your neighborhood by searching our member directory and initiating contact through private messages. Keeping your profile updated increases your chance of finding friends who share things in common.

Showcase Your Talent

Indusladies is a great place to showcase your talent. If you are into hobbies and craftwork, showcase your work and get feedback from the community. If you like to share your thoughts on any topic, do it in our snippets of life section. You can also showcase your garden, food, home decor and more. See the related how-to section to feature your contributions. Don’t forget to join your relevant group.

Lighten up your day!

Our just for fun section is a great place to unwind. You will find a selection of interesting jokes, thoughts, polls and photos that is sure to lighten yourself up and get back to your routine. You can also participate in our fun contests and win some cool prizes.

Contribute to the Community

You can contribute to Indusladies in many ways. Start by simply responding to an existing discussion or share your experience on every day things. You can also submit articles, recipes, product-reviews, tutorials and more. Please see detailed submission guidelines here. You can also help us grow by taking up one of the volunteer opportunities.

Your Interests, Delivered to You

We make it very easy for you to keep current on your interests. As a member of Indusladies, you get our monthly community newsletter to keep you updated on community events. In addition, you can also choose newsletters on your topic of interest. You will get fresh articles, popular discussions, exclusive offers delivered to your inbox every week. You can also keep in touch through our social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+.


Sharing helps our community stay strong and grow. You strengthen our community every time you participate in groups, forums or other community activities.

You help grow our community
when you post content to facebook by clicking on the Facebook logo next to articles and other content.

Posting to Google+, Pinterest and Twitter will share your interest and helps us reach new members.

You make the strongest impact when you invite people you know to Indusladies.
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