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Story Of Mystery-chapter 12

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by vee23, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Missed call

    Veronica is in the shock, whether she heard the name Aadya. She is confused, and her mind blocked for a minute.

    Aadya: Hello are you there?

    Veronica: Yes, Did you say your name Aadya.

    Aadya: Yes, you heard it right. I am Aadya, the same person that you’re currently investigating the case.

    Veronica: Oh my god, I am shocked to hear your voice.Where are you? What has happened to you? Where were you all these days? I have got many questions to ask you.

    Aadya: I am currently in my parent’s home. Nothing I am all right just met with some accident and unfortunately, I couldn’t talk to anyone, so all these caused. I need to take the case back, and my parents will come and do the procedures to close the case.

    Veronica: What you’re saying? This case had been investigating from many days, and there has been an arrest warrant issued against Anvay. Now you’re saying you met with an accident when there was blood spilt on your bedspread, and a knife has found.

    Aadya: Yes, but we would like to close this case.

    Veronica: I don’t think so we can close that easily. There will be some penalty, and I don’t want to end this case until the truth reveals.

    Aadya: My lawyer will come and do all the required formalities and whatever fine we will pay, and we want to close the case.

    Veronica gets upset, and she hung up the phone, later she informs to Rihan about the discussion happened.

    Rihan gets angry and scolds, and they wasted our time. DC has appreciated me for solving this case and issued an arrest warrant, and I was expecting the promotion. Anvay escaped, anyway let the lawyer come after that will see about closing the case. Veronica thank him for his help and cooperating with the investigation and saying that they both bid each other.

    Veronica collects all the files and picks up her handbag and leaves to her home.

    Veronica’s mum asks her, hey what happened why do you look so upset, as soon she reaches her home.

    Veronica: Nothing mum, just the case.

    Veronica’s mum: The same Aadya’s case?

    Veronica: Yes mum, the same case. She is alive and called me to inform that.

    Veronica’s mum: That’s good news to hear, but why you’re upset.

    Veronica: She wants to close the case, after investigating so much time at this point am not happy to close. I want to know the truth, you know mum I don’t leave anything in the mid.

    Veronica’s mum: I know dear, it’s okay she is alive, Anvay found back his love. Don’t worry about the truth. Get fresh, and dinner is ready.

    Veronica: No mum, I am not hungry. I need some rest and will go to bed. Good night.

    Veronica walks into her bedroom, she throws her bag and files on the table and makes her phone silent, and she jumps into the bed to sleep.

    She tries to sleep, but her mind doesn’t let her do. She struggles hard but her mind fights to find the truth.After struggling for an hour, she gets up from the bed.

    She just takes out her notepad to read the details she has noted each day. She turns to the page where she has written about the day they visited to collect information from Aadya’s neighbours, it has all the details given by them, their names, about a car parked and the voice heard by Rohan.She continues to read, at the bottom of that page, there is a name mentioned which says,‘Vrishab.’

    Suddenly Veronica hiccups and she walks to the table to sip water from her bottle where it placed. She comes across the file mentioned Cell phone report, as she pulls that file her cell phone falls from the table.

    As she bends to pick up her phone, the phone displays five missed calls. She picks up and looks the caller name carefully, and it’s ‘Jivika’!!!

    **Stay tuned**

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