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Story Of Mystery-chapter 11

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by vee23, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Uploading rest of the chapters.... Those who have not visited my blog can continue reading and do provide your inputs or feedback..


    As soon they get the news about the forensic report is ready, both Rihan and Veronica drives back to the station.

    Veronica: Where are the reports?

    Subordinate: Points towards the blue files which had placed on the Rihan’s office table.

    Veronica rushes towards the file and starts to look into the report.

    Forensic reports contain most of the details she asked.

    She checks the medical or lab reports which had placed as soon she opens the file.

    The lab report details contained doctor’s name who approved the report, Case name mentioned as Aadya and related to Aadya her age, blood group, height, weight, etc. are referred to on the first page.

    And the second page does contains the details related blood group which had found on the bedspread.

    Object sent for Lab to test: Bed Spread

    Blood Group found: A+

    As she turns the page, Rihan interrupts what’s on the report.

    Veronica’s concentration is entirely in the file, and she continues to read next page.

    The fingerprint found on the knife details found.

    The fingerprint found on the knife matched to the person named Anvay.

    But there is also an another fingerprint found on the knife which is unknown.

    And then she closes that file.

    Rihan snatches the file from her hand and looks into the report.

    Rihan: Mam here is the evidence, this is enough to get the arrest warrant against that idiot.

    Veronica: What you’re talking?

    Rihan: See the blood group matches Aadya’s as expected, and the knife has fingerprints of Anvay. So he is the murderer.

    Veronica: But there is also another fingerprint which is unknown.

    Rihan: That might be Aadya’s she tried to pull it since they don’t get her fingerprints to match.

    Veronica doesn’t feel satisfied with his explanation. She thinks there should be someone else other than Aadya. Then her thoughts go to the previous day discussion happened with Vrishab.

    Rihan: Mam, see this file has reported about the car tracing. But anyway it’s of no use.

    Veronica: Looks into the report, car details found.

    Owner name: Vrishab

    Car Number: Number mentioned on the number plate written

    Car Found: Village name which said by Vrishab.

    Also, there was car traced date and time.

    After reading the report, she confuses because the vehicle report says Vrishab went to his village and time located.She thinks that means Vrishab told the truth and he is innocent and that he didn’t know anything about this incident.

    Rihan: Mam there is no need to think anything. I will get the arrest warrant against Anvay and be going to send his details to all the newspaper and police stations to find him immediately. We will close the details.

    Veronica: Rihan, where is the cell phone summary? You can’t take the decision.

    Rihan: We will get the cell phone summary by today evening. And I can take the decision as I am going to produce this report to Deputy Commissioner and make this case close soon.

    Veronica decides to wait for cell phone tracked summary, and she doesn’t bother about Rihan.All she wants is to punish the real victim and not an innocent. She starts her calculations and collects all the details she gathered from the day one about this case on her table.

    Rihan mentions he will be back in the evening and drives out.

    On the other end, Riya gets back to her work after having her tea break.Her phone buzzes and she takes a look at the phone, and it displays Jivika.

    Riya: Hey Jivika how are you?

    Jivika: I am doing great. Is there anything important, saw there were so many missed calls from you.

    Riya: Yes Jivika, there is something important to discuss with you. Veronica wanted to talk to you immediately about Aadya.

    Jivika: Who is Veronica and what about Aadya? Can you explain me clearly?

    Riya gets to know that Jivika is not aware of anything related to Aadya’s case. She continues to speak, Sorry Jivika to bother you as you’re busy with your post wedding formalities but you have to know. Then she explains her all the things that have happened and about the case going on and about Veronica what she wanted to know from her.

    Jivika became complete shock after hearing and started to sob.

    Jivika: Aadya is my best friend, why nobody even tried to inform me.

    Riya: As you’re busy with your wedding, so nobody wanted to make you off. Calm down and just pray she will be all right.

    Jivika murmurs.

    Riya: Do one thing, call to Veronica she needs some information immediately.

    She wants to know more details about her, and yes Veronica wanted to know whether Aadya took the shuttle with you on Friday evening while returning home. Call and talk to her.

    Jivika: Sure will call her now and pauses for a minute.

    Jivika: I remember Aadya didn’t come with me that day and murmurs I remember she went with her……….

    Riya: Hey can you speak to Veronica, I have a meeting to catch up. Talk to you later.

    It’s 5 p.m, Veronica was sipping her tea and worried. She recollects the information collected in Anvay’s office and details given by Ishita.

    Rihan comes back with some files in hand with a happy smile on his face as if he won the war.

    Rihan: Done. We are going to close the case soon. I have got the arrest warrant and sent the details to everywhere, and he can’t escape.

    He slams the Warrant on the table and slams the Cell phone report and leaves for the day.

    Veronica stares at him walking, and she feels guilty about herself, this is the first case she couldn’t solve and take a very long time.

    She looks the file mentioned cell phone Report and turns to open.

    Her phone buzzes.

    Veronica lifts the phone, and a female voice comes saying hello.

    Veronica: Hi this is Veronica, how may I help you.

    Receiver: HiVeronica, I need to speak to you.

    Veronica: But who are you ….?

    Receiver: This is Aadya…!!!

    **Stay tuned** ​

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