Editor’s Note; The days following a miscarriage can be a very tough time for any woman. But you are not alone. Find out what you can do to ease out your pain and share your tips and thoughts with us here.

A miscarriage is sad and is tough for any mother-to-be to cope with. If you have gone through one, it is bound to be a tough time for you. While you will take your time to come to terms with it, please remember that you are not alone.

  • Not only your body but even your mind will be in a turmoil. So please confide in someone who is sensitive and you can trust. Allow one person to help you in your healing process
  • You will be surprised to know how many women go through such a process of bereavement. But each one is equally sad. When you are ready to open up, you can join similar groups online to share your story and find out how others console themselves
  • Do approach a doctor once you feel that your body is ready for conception once again. One of the best ways to get over miscarriage is by trying to conceive once again.
  • The grief may make you feel exhausted and yet you might notice that you are unable to sleep. Try and divert your attention in doing something that you like.
  • It is alright to feel moody and wanting to be on your own. Don’t worry about what others will say. Take your time for only you will be able to bring yourself of it.

Don’t feel guilty about your miscarriage. Sometimes it just happens and no one can be blamed for it. Please keep your faith in the Lord and I am sure you will be holding a bundle of joy in your hands very soon.

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