You cannot have periods after you have conceived. Once you are pregnant, and your home pregnancy test kit has confirmed so, your body will begin to produce the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). This will stop menstruation. Know about all the other changes that pregnancy brings along  in the Top 15 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy. 

However, sometimes you can notice some bleeding during your pregnancy. There are a number of reasons why you can bleed during pregnancy.

Breakthrough Bleeding 

This can happen in the early stages of your pregnancy at the time when your periods are due. Although the reasons are not confirmed, doctors believe it is because the hormones that cause your menstrual cycle breaks through the hormones that occur during pregnancy

Implantation Bleeding

This might in the initial stages of pregnancy when your fertilised egg positions itself inside your womb


If you have been consuming birth control pills and yet manage to get pregnant, you might experience some bleeding in the initial stages.


Placenta complications happen in the later stages of pregnancy and usually you will need to be hospitalized if it does. This can be of two types –  placenta previa (where the placenta covers the cervix) and placenta abruption (where it separates out from the uterine wall). If any of these happen then you will experience menstrual-like bleeding.  


If you experience heavy bleeding with very strong stomach cramps then consult your doctor for it might be the first signs of a miscarriage

Ectopic Pregnancy

If the blood that comes out is very watery in its consistency and there are sharp shooting pains on one side of the lower part of your stomach then it could be because it’s an ectopic pregnancy. In this type of pregnancy the embryo implants itself outside your uterus, usually in the fallopian tube

However, this is only in some cases. You might go through your entire pregnancy without noticing any blood spotting as well.

Have you experienced spotting during pregnancy? Why did it happen? In which trimester did you have it? What did the doctor recommend? Share your experiences with us here or here.