Editor’s Note: You want your parents to extend their stay during your pregnancy. But are you wondering what the consequences might be? Get help here. If you are aware of any further rules or have any thoughts and experiences to share with us, then do write in here.

Many of you living in the USA might want to ask your parents to be with you during your pregnancy. There is a two-fold issue to be taken care of here.

  • Visas
  • Whether your parents or your in laws should be around.


  • If your mother says she is going to the USA to be the helper to your child, then visas are tough to get. This is because someone being a ‘helper’ implies the taking away for the job of a US nanny.
  • Also, once the US embassy knows about the pregnancy, they might feel that your mother will continue to stay on to manage the child. This gives them the feeling that you might want your mother to immigrate.
  • This said, however, while your mother is applying for her tourist visa, if she is asked whether she is visiting family because of pregnancy, it is best that she does not lie. Because if she gets caught then it will make the situation a very difficult one.  Added to this, she should stress that the visit is primarily tourist oriented even if your mother lands up helping out with household chores once in a while.
  • Even if you are in a high risk pregnancy, she might not be allowed an emergency appointment to get her visa.
  • Visa extension might create issues when they want to fly to the USA the next time.

Personal Issues

  • If your husband wants his parents to be around, then asking your parents to extend their stay might create a rift. And such stressful situations is best avoided.
  • If your in-laws are visiting, then it is best that you ask your parents to return. They can come back after a while after the child is born.
  • Usually mothers in law tend to feel a little insecure when the daughter’s parents are also around. So it is up to you how well you manage the situation.
  • Making both sets of parents might lead to at least one feeling bad. This is because both will be want to help out and in the process the one that gets more attention from you, will make the other feel neglected.

During pregnancy and just after child birth, you will want a peaceful time. So, even if you want to mother to stay on, try and keep only one person around. This is for your own peace of mind.

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