Women and kitty parties go together, like accessories with dressing up, both hand in hand.

Every Indian woman likes to host unique kitty parties once in a while. As women, we carefully plan a wholesome theme, so that our guests enjoy our kitty thoroughly. Parties become more vibrant if they are associated with a theme. If you are looking for an interesting theme checkout these 25 creative kitty party themes.

At some point during all the endeavors, the preparations for the food, the decor and gifts, there is one road block that most of us tend to hit, the games. It is almost like a challenge for every kitty party hostess to think up fancy themes, and introduce matching games for their events.  You may also be interested to Download 50+ One-Minute Kitty Party Games for Indian Parties | Ladies Kitty.

Games for kitty parties have always been an interesting concept for women. But how can you try and keep a game that none of your fellow friends or colleagues ever have played? In this feature, we focus on one minute kitty party games that can be played individually as well as in a team.


1. Draping A Saree:

Items needed to play: Sarees as per number of players

Game Rules: Your guests can be told to drape a saree on their current outfit just by tying knots from below considering that they won’t be given petticoats at all for the game!

Winner: Whoever ties the best saree


2. Braiding The Hair:

Items needed to play:  Nothing

Game Rules: This can also be a competition of sorts, wherein the one has to make as many braids on their hair as possible.

Winner: Whoever makes the maximum braids, wins


3. Filling Empty Glasses:

Items needed to play:  Empty glasses and water

Game Rules: Fill empty glasses with water without spilling anything.

Winner: Whoever fills most glasses without spilling water


4. Rearranging A Lady’s Purse:

Items needed to play:  Purses filled with jumbled up things

Game Rules: Place sample purses for everyone to use and ask them to rearrange the things inside neatly.

Winner: Whoever does the neatest job in the fastest time


5. Writing a Love Letter:

Items needed to play:  Pens and stationery

Game Rules: Offer pens and stationery, and assign a judge.

Winner: May the best letter win.

6. Applying Nail Polish:

Items needed to play:  Nail polish and nail polish removers as per the number of players

Game Rules: You can make it more interesting by telling them that they have to apply nail paint on all their hands and toes! The ladies who already have some sort of nail color will have to remove their present color and apply the new coat.

Winner: Whoever does the best nail polish application in one minute.

7. Putting New Shoe Laces on a Pair of Shoe Lace-Less Sneakers:

Items needed to play:  Laces

Game Rules: The guests will have to put the laces within a minute on the pair of shoes they are wearing, not just one shoe!

Winner: Whoever ties the perfect laces in one minute


8. Arranging Socks as Per Color and Size:

Items needed to play:  A basket full of jumbled up socks

Game Rules: For this game you will have to keep a basket of multi colored socks ready for your guests to pick out from.

Winner: Whoever arranges the neatest bunch in one minute

9. Peeling Maximum Number of Oranges Under a Minute:

Items needed to play:  Oranges

Game Rules: Each player has to peel as many oranges as possible

Winner: The winner is obviously the one who peels the most!

10. Sewing a Button On a Shirt:

Items needed to play:  Buttons, sewing threads and shirts

Game Rules: The entire button should be sewn on tightly within the minute.

Winner: The person who stitches in the button best in 1 minute

11. Sealing Envelopes:

Items needed to play:  Envelopes

Game Rules: Everyone can play this easily; all they need to do is seal envelopes

Winner: The one who seals the most within the minute is the undisputed winner!

12. Setting the Dining Table:

Items needed to play:  Crockery and cutlery

Game Rules: An entire layout for a six course meal will have to be completed by the participants under a minute.

Winner: The person who neatly arranges it the fastest

13. Chopping Vegetables:

Items needed to play:  Basket of vegetables and knives

Game Rules: Everyone can be given a basket of vegetables and asked to chop them.

Winner: One who chops the maximum within a minute wins!

14. Arranging Coins:

Items needed to play:  Bags of coins

Game Rules: Distribute separate bags of coins and ask your guests to arrange them number wise within a minute.

Winner: The player who arranges it the fastest

15. The Spot and Watch Game:

Items needed to play:  Pen and paper

Game Rules: A game wherein every team is divided into teams of 3 to 4 people each.

The challenge is to try and note down whatever each member in the room is wearing, be it clothing, colour of shoes or even accessories. You have to also note down the name of the person using or wearing a particular piece of clothing or accessory for each item.

Winner: The group, that has written the maximum, will of course win!

16. What’s in the Room?

Items needed to play:  Pen and paper

Game Rules: Similar to the game above, you can always divide your guests into groups, and then ask them to jot down everything that is in the room, from curtains to showpieces and even frames.

A brief description of each item is of course a must.

Winner: The group that has the longest list wins!

17. Make it or Break it:

Items needed to play:  Nothing

Game Rules: The Make It or Break It game is about making things quite literally. All you need to do here is divide your guests and make teams.

Once the teams are made, you can ask every team to make a new creative piece of accessory, or home decor showpiece, or creative piece of clothing, by using things that everyone in the team is already wearing.

Winner: The most creative team

18. The Shoe Exchange:

Items needed to play:  Nothing

Game Rules: Everybody knows that women are practically inseparable with their shoes.

Make groups and ask team members to switch shoes with each other. The rule in this game is that everyone can only switch one shoe with someone else in the group. This is a fun one minute game for kitty party.

Winner: Whichever group settles down first after switching the shoes within the minute is the winner.

19. Let’s Be Friends:

Items needed to play:  Nothing

Game Rules: Women like compliments. But women definitely find it hard to compliment each other and really mean it. A good idea for a group game is one where every team is made to list down positive and good things about each other.

The rule here is that they cannot write about their own team mates, they have to write about everyone else.

Winner: The group with the maximum number of compliments wins for sure.

20. One Minute Game:

Items needed to play: Stopwatch

Game Rules: The host has to manage the stopwatch. The rest of the players will sit in silence, when they feel one minute is up, they will raise the hand and say so.

Winner: Participant who has the best guess of one minute wins


21. Popcorn Garland:

Items needed to play: Bowls of popcorns, needles and threads

Game Rules: Each player will be given a bowl of popcorn with which they will have to make a garland with the needle and thread. This is one of the most creative one minute games for ladies kitty party.

Winner: The player who makes the biggest and best popcorn garland in one minute

22. Sponge the Water:

Items needed to play: Bucket of water, few sponges and empty small bottles

Game Rules: Each player has to fill their bottle with water transferred from the bucket with the help of the sponge.

Winner: Person who collects the maximum water in the bottle is the winner

23. Straw in the Hair:

Items needed to play: A huge bunch of straws

Game Rules: each player has to tuck in as many straws into their hair as possible without them falling off.

Winner: The person with the maximum number of straws tucked in their hair in one minute.

24. Make the Bangle Stand:

Items needed to play: A bunch of bangles, candle wax, wooden board

Game Rules: Each player has to make the bangles stand on the wooden board with the help of the candle wax.

Winner: The player who successfully glues most of the bangles in an upright position the wooden boards in one minute.

25. Stack the Coins:

Items needed to play: Various denominations of coins collected in a big bunch

Game Rules: Players have to make stacks of coins in a manner that they add up to an amount of 10 rupees.

Winner: Player who makes the maximum set of 10 rupees stacks

26. Draw on the Balloon:

Items needed to play: Pieces of balloons and pens

Game Rules: Each player has to blow up their assigned balloon and then draw full human figures on it, all in one minute.

Winner: The player who draws the maximum number of coherent figures on the balloon wins this really fun 1 minute games for kitty party

27. Pick the Buttons:

Items needed to play: A big bunch of multicolored buttons and safety pins

Game Rules: Each color will have different points to it, and players have to make as many points as possible by picking up the buttons with their safety pins in one minute.

Winner: Player who scores the maximum points

28. Reverse Alphabets:

Items needed to play: Pens and papers

Game Rules: Each participant has to write the alphabets in reverse, starting from Z to A and also write a word starting with that alphabet.

Winner: Whoever writes the complete list of reverse alphabets correctly and has also named written the maximum words with them in one minute wins this game.

29. Transfer the Plastic Balls:

Items needed to play: A bucket with a big bunch of plastic balls, empty containers for each player and spoons

Game Rules: Each player has to shift as many plastic balls as possible with a spoon from the bucket into their containers. Anyone who drops a ball in the process will be out of the game.

Winner: The player who successfully transfers maximum number of the plastic balls in a minute.

30. Lock and Key:

Items needed to play: A big bunch of locks and keys

Game Rules: Lock all the locks and then mix all the keys. A player has to unlock the locks.

Winner: Whoever manages to unlock the maximum number of locks in 1 minute will win this game.

No kitty can be complete without a range of exciting games that can improve the ambience of the party and promote a competitive, healthy interaction among our friends. Therefore, play some of these interesting one minute games for kitty party at your next get together.

Check out the discussion on one minute kitty party games for ladies for more ideas about kitty party games. Don’t forget to checkout and Download 50+ One-Minute Kitty Party Games for Indian Parties | Ladies Kitty.

These exciting one minute kitty games can be modified as per your own individual theme and wish to suit the needs, tastes and kitty requirements! But let us assure you that your guests will enjoy every minute of these games, thoroughly.