Editor’s Note: Should you stop picking up your child when you are pregnant? What can you do instead? Get some interesting ideas from our IL members and share with us here.

During your second pregnancy you might feel more confident of yourself than you did during your first one. However, this said, there will still be occasions when you will feel a little overwhelmed. Once such situation is when your child wants to be picked up while you are pregnant with the second one.

If you are keeping healthy and the doctor has confirmed that there are no complications during your pregnancy then you can lift your first born once in a while. But try and make it a little infrequent as lifting heavy things can put a stress on your stomach. Also it is best to avoid it after your fifth month. Instead there are other ways to make her feel loved.

  • Bend your knees down and cuddle up 
  • Tell your child to feel the movements of the second one and hug her close when she does
  • Work as a team with your child. Ask her to help you with a few things like getting your creams etc.
  • If your child is very young you can even put her on a stroller and go for a walk.

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