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As you cruise through your 20th week of pregnancy and enter this week of your pregnancy term, many changes continue to happen within you and your child. However, most are not noticeable yet.

Changes in Your Body at Week 21 Pregnancy

From here on you should be gaining around a pound to a pound and a half each week.  This is not only because what you are eating but also because of the weight that your baby is putting on.

At 21 weeks of pregnancy be prepared to experience some leg pain, swelling and cramps. To alleviate the pain keep the legs propped up while you are lying down.

Find out from our pregnancy e-guide, what other changes your body undergoes as you get more and more pregnant and how to deal with them.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 21 Pregnancy

Your baby is almost as big as a banana now!

Its blood circulation is fully functioning now. The umbilical cord also grows and thickens as the blood continues to travel from mother to the child.

As the digestive tract matures, the intestines also learn to contract on their own.

At 21 weeks of pregnancy the nails on the fingers and toes completely cover the baby’s phalanges by now.

Week 21 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

Since it is highly probable that you will experience some leg swelling well into the 22nd week of your pregnancy and even beyond that, opt to wear flat shoes rather than high heeled ones.

It is alright to eat food that gives up to a maximum of 500 calories a day. Ideally it should be around 300 though. The most important thing however, is to continue to eat healthy.

There are chances that you might have weird food cravings at this stage. For example, charcoal and chalk. These are strictly prohibited and do share this with your doctor.

Week 21 Fun

At 21 weeks of pregnancy, the baby inside you can pick up a lot during and after this stage. So you can invest some time in reading good books and listening to soothing music/songs. Especially those that you plan to read and sing to your child after birth.

Indulge in some form of exercise. This will help you with your balance and posture too in the coming weeks. Swimming, yoga and walking are the best options. However do consult your doctor before you begin anything.

Are you suffering from leg cramps? Are your foot swollen? What are you doing to reduce the discomfort? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

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Week 21 Pregnancy Discussions

Week 21 Have a Laugh

A frustrated woman goes to her doctor and begins to cry. The doctor calms her down and then asks what the matter is.

The woman says, “They don’t even say hi anymore. It always begins with when’s the baby due?”

The doctor answers, a little surprised. “But you are not even pregnant yet! I told you, you should eat less.”