Editor’s Note: Find out if your husband should be in the delivery room with you when you give birth and share your experiences with us here.

Are you wondering whether your husband should be in the delivery room alone or whether you should have someone with you? Here are some tips for you.


  • His voice might be a soother for your stressed nerves
  • He can keep encouraging you like no other does because you are in this together
  • Hearing the first cry of your child together is a once in a life time experience. So share it together.


  • Just because he is the father of your child, it does not mean that he has to be in the room. In fact, at times they can even stress you out more with their presence.
  • He might freak out at the sight of you screaming and at the amount of blood

There are a few other things that you should bear in mind here.

  • The hospital rules might not allow a second person in the labour room
  • Decide beforehand if you want your partner to be at the head or at the foot of the bed
  • If you decide on your mother (as against your husband or your mother in law) then do have a talk about it from before. You wouldn’t want a family drama when your labour pains have already begun
  • When you are choosing a family member keep in mind their age, their blood pressure, their level of preparedness in mind

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