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OK so you are pregnant and in fact have passed one whole month being so. As you complete your fourth week of pregnancy and enter the fifth one, now is when ultrasounds begin. And you can see that your baby is really and truly in there. How exciting!

Changes in Your Body at Week 5 Pregnancy

At week 5 of pregnancy, while you might not still ‘show’ that you are pregnant (and that won’t happen till you are around 14 weeks pregnant), you might feel a little bloated. The pressure inside your abdomen will increase and thus will make you use the rest room more often.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 5 Pregnancy

The little one is around 5mm long now – tadpole length.

Other than the bones and the nervous system which keeps forming, it is this week when the skeleton begins to take shape.

In this week, some of the other developments that happen are:

  • The heart grows and divides into four chambers and begins to pump blood. However, many ultrasounds might not be able to pick up the heart beats just yet. So don’t get anxious about it.
  • The neural tube, which becomes the brain and spinal cord, begins to develop
  • At week 5 of pregnancy the placenta begins to form
  • The baby’s facial features like the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, as well as the fingers and toes begin to develop

Week 5 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

As you progress towards week 6 of your pregnancy , you are bound to feel drowsy during this time. So don’t overdo anything and do get plenty of rest. Drop all activities that involve lifting heavy objects or house activities that are very strenuous.

At week 5 of pregnancy to avoid feeling drained, eat well and don’t skip your meals and eat sufficient quantities.

You might be getting disturbed sleep at night. Don’t fret over it as it is normal. Try and get rest during day time as well. However, if your inability to sleep begins to border on insomnia then do consult your doctor.

Know more about what you can expect during the coming weeks of being pregnant in our Short Guide to Managing Pregnancy.

Week 5 Fun

At week 5 of pregnancy, if you haven’t announced your pregnancy to anyone yet, then you, together with your spouse, can begin thinking about that. Find innovative ways to break the news to your near and dear ones.

The joy of seeing the little one inside you is beyond words. How did you feel when you saw her for the first time during your ultrasound this week? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

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Week 5 Have a Laugh

So the friend asks, “Do I have to have a baby shower?” Her best friend, who has been planning a surprise one for her for weeks, simply smiles and says, “Not if you change the baby’s diaper very quickly!”