Do you remember the days when mom admonished you when you ate in a hurry? Wolfing down large chunks of food in a hurry pressurizes the digestive muscles causing stomach cramps and indigestion.

If you are a habitual eater who empties the plate in a jiffy, then, you can be certain to gain weight. The brain and stomach work together to give you the feeling of satiety or fullness. It takes about twenty minutes for the stomach to signal the brain that you have eaten enough. If you gulp down too fast, you will never feel full and continue to pile up on unnecessary calories, which lead to weight gain.

Enjoy and relish each bite of your food by chewing slowly. If you take twenty minutes to eat, you will end up eating less since the brain will eventually signal you the feeling of fullness. One tactic is to chew your bite twenty times before you can swallow it. This also produces enough saliva, which is an integral component for an effective digestion. 

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