Festive period a lot of cheer, happiness and can be a peak time for stress.  Shopping, planning a get together, financial pressure, time deadlines, can cause havoc on the nerves. Instead of enjoying the occasion, it becomes an event for frustration, fights and depression.

All this can undermine the very spirit of the festive season. Research shows that women experience more stress, since they do most of the preparation for the festivities.

Here are few tips that will help you to get away with tensions and enable you to enjoy your time with family and friends.

Budget Your Time And Money:

The expectation of the season will make you draw a long list of shopping. It is wise to plan a budget, especially during festive time of the year. Do not blow your budget on gifts, since the receiver may not really see the true meaning in the gift.

 A recent survey shows that most of the gifts are either unused or given away. It is worthwhile to have a budget and spend within the limits.

Family Tensions:

It is natural to have tensions in the family especially if you are planning to get together from different locations.  Work on practical and realistic expectations.

Pleasing everyone is not possible and causes stress to a great degree. In fact, it is possible that everybody else is as tensed as you are.

Define what makes you happy and be understanding to other’s situations. Group activities, distraction and relaxation techniques are some ways to minimize conflicts.