Get that ‘Hot-bod’ this summer!

Summer is just round the corner. It’s time to splash into the pool and rejuvenate yourself. What a liberating experience that is. Isn’t it, unless of course, you are bothered about those loads of calories that have piled on to your body last winter?

Even if that is the situation right now, you need not despair. Help is at hand. You still have some time in hand before the peak summer sets in. So make a plan and stick to it.

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. The only thing you need here is commitment. Promise yourself that for the next few weeks you are going to show immense will power and be dedicated to your cause of losing weight.

The Workout

I personally hate working out, totally. But the after-effects of skipping the gym are more painful. So no matter how lazy I feel, I make sure that I hit the gym at least 4 times a week for an hour each.

You can choose your duration depending on your daily routine. You need to ensure that you neither overdo it nor neglect it completely.

You can follow the workout plan this summer. It did work for me in the past.

Week One:

You can start by walking. The toughest part of working out after a long gap is sticking to it. So initially just walk for half an hour. You can walk on the tread mill or at a park in your locality.

Week Two:

Step up the intensity. Start adding a few body weight exercises like a set of pushups, lunges, planks. You can also throw in some time on the cycle and the cross trainer.

Week Three and Counting:

Now that your body has got used to the rigor, go out full force. Divide your days appropriately. Some days concentrate on cardio; other days on upper and lower body and yet another day on abs.

Upper body workout should concentrate on push exercises for chest and shoulders, and pull exercises for back and rear shoulders, and bicep and triceps.

If you want to strengthen your lower body, you will need to concentrate on squats, lunges and step up exercises. Crunches and plank exercises are best for your abs. Your trainer will be your best guide. So make sure you consult him all the time regarding the tenacity and your overall workout plan.

Clothes for the Workout

Since summers get scorching, you need to invest in light cotton gym clothes and comfortable shoes. The best time to work out during summers is early morning or evenings.

Hydrate Yourself

Keeping yourself hydrated during your workout is a must. Drink enough water during your exercises. If you feel very hot, it is fine to take a break and cool yourself down before you resume your exercises.

It is advisable that you split your workout instead of pushing yourself to the limit. If you feel exhausted or nauseated during your exercises, you need to stop immediately. If you push yourself more, you may cause more harm than good to your body.

The Diet

You can exercise all you want. But if you do not eat right, all your efforts will be in vain. Now I am no way telling you to starve yourself. In fact you need to eat and eat right.

Include a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and poultry in your diet. Try and avoid aerated drinks and junk food. Home cooked meals are the best option especially for summers.