Research studies have found that music therapy is effective to improve conditions of depression. Apart from medicines and psychiatric counseling, music therapy is becoming increasingly popular. It is efficacious because of the connection between emotion and music. Since depression consists of several emotions, relaxing music helps to relieve the emotions and feelings.

Doctors suggest listening to instrumental or any soothing music for twenty minutes every day is beneficial in treating depressed people. This is also popular with patients since it brings positive feelings and gives a sense of control over the type of music that that patients can choose. Music engages people in a pleasurable way that words or other therapy may not be able to. 

Some of the benefits of music therapy include –

  • Ability to open up during the treatment
  • Imbibes tolerance and coping skills
  • Improvement in process of thoughts and emotions
  • Positive behavior

Have you ever tried the music therapy to counter depression? Does good music uplift your mood? Share your experiences here