Albums have become obsolete and Facebook photos are passé. No one just wants to see the pictures; they want to know the story behind it too! And what better way to tell your tale, than a nice, colourful scrapbook?

However, nowadays with all readymade scrapbook kits and fancy supplies, people simply buy a lot of things and paste it together. But the idea behind a ‘scrap’ book is to actually take scraps and make something creative out of it.

So while you may need to buy a few things, here are a few ideas which will help you collect a lot of things for your book and save a lot of money on materials as well:

Gift Wrappers and Boxes:

Whenever you get any gifts for any occasion, take a careful look at the wrappings and the boxes. Many times, they come with cute accessories like buttons, ribbons, decorative flowers, etc which can be very useful for decorating. Also, sometimes they come in hard boxes which can be used to make your cover pages, or cut in different shapes to give an elevated effect.

Old Clothes:

Old colourful fabrics can add quite a personality to your book, in the form of shapes, cover, ribbons, etc. Also, if they have beads, buttons or any such different types of accessories, you can remove and save them for future scrapbooking use.


Save any colourful paper that comes your way. It can be the bright pink paper that comes with your dry cleaning, a greeting card envelope, anything that you can use creatively. These waste papers can be used to make pages, draw pictures, make abstract backgrounds, etc. You can even use the special edition smooth newspapers, if they have some attractive pictures. 

DVD and CD Covers:

Nowadays, DVD’s come covered with a paper replica of the plastic cover. If you buy animated films or are making a movie theme page, then you can cut out characters from these covers and stick them. The Disney characters are especially cute.

Chocolate Wrappers:

Chocolate wrappers look great when making a page on childhood memories of your children. Many imported and fancy chocolates come with shiny ribbons, cute stickers and thick, colourful wrappers which can be used to enhance your book.

Greeting Cards:

Greeting cards are a part of every occasion and while we all cherish the gesture, there are very few cards that become keepsakes. Instead of throwing them away, you can use the pictures and even some nice poems that they have. Also, greeting cards are nice and thick and their back is often blank which can be useful.

Old Books, Comics, and Magazines:

All of us have old magazines, books and comics with big pictures that we loved but find them useless now. But they can be very useful because most of them have many cute pictures, pictures of flowers, animals, etc that you can use to add character to your scrapbook.

Hope you have fun putting all these scraps together to make your own wonderful custom-made memory preserver!