If there’s one thing women love to wear, it is a pair of good fitting jeans and a tee shirt. Not only does this attire compliment a woman’s elegance, it can be used for a casual and even formal event, with a little modification.

Tee shirts are such a rage amongst women, that stores across the world offer a range of colours, cuts, styles and shapes. Tees with messages, with designs, with symbols, some art and plain tee shirts, the list is so long that it’s best to leave the rest to imagination.

Now, although tee shirts and a good pair of jeans are much loved by every woman everywhere, what every woman does not like is the word ‘common’. Whenever a woman finds a tee shirt, or for that matter even a dress that she owns on someone else’s sleek body, she will probably want to burn her own dress or simply throw it away. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

So, what can you do to add that extra jazz to your tee shirt so that it doesn’t look like anyone else’s? Here are my tips:

Write Your Favourite Quote or Saying

If you like books, reading novels, or even magazines – you will have come across several quotes and sayings that have made an impact on your mind. How about sketching these words onto your favourite coloured tee shirt?

All you have to do is pick a tee shirt you like a lot, preferably a plain one, and buy some fabric paint or tee shirt markers. Fabric paint would last you longer though. Once you have what you need, pick your quote and start writing it on the chosen tee shirt. Voila, not only is your tee shirt now an exclusive piece of art, it also stands for what you believe in.

A Message for The World

Everybody has something to say. But not everyone can be heard. Use your tee shirt to share your thoughts with the world. If there is a current news event that you have something to say about, write your message on your tee shirt and wear it for the world.

If You Can Draw, Draw For Tees

If you are an artist, or an upcoming one, use your tee shirt as a canvas. Make small paintings and sketches on it with different coloured fabric paints. And then, choose to sell your artistic tees, or just wear them to make your own exclusive style statement.

Share Laughter

Everyone enjoys a laugh or two. Put down your favourite jokes on a couple of tees. Let people read it and be amused. It might just make their day lighter, you never know!