Oily skin superficially seems to be a disaster, as no makeup stays on your skin for long, and it breaks out into acne at the drop of a hat.

But you are blessed if you have oily skin, as the appearance and development of wrinkles are much lesser, and happens much later as well, compared to other types of skin.

This type of skin is characterized by hyper secretion of oil from the oil glands, compared to other types of skin. This often results in a number of skin problems, such as rashes, and acne. But it’s possible to take proper care of the skin to keep your face acne- free and fresh all the time. 

Maintain your oily skin fresh as dew with the following tips:

  • Wash your face at least thrice a day. Use a good face wash or a good soap which is best for oily skin.  Washing your face keeps it clean and does not allow dirt and pollution settle on it. Pollution and dirt make the condition of your skin worse.
  • Reduce consumption of oily food and junk food in your diet. Add more roughage and fibers to your diet. Increase the intake of water as well.
  • Oily skin is more prone acne and open pores and blackheads. Steam is the solution to these problems. Take steam treatment at least once in a week. After steaming remember to wash your face with cold water as it helps in closing the pores.
  • Steam helps to remove blackheads as well. After exposing your face to steam, rub your nose with a soft towel. This will help to remove blackheads as well.
  • Neem leaves and bitter gourd (karela ) are most beneficial for this type o skin. Neem is anti- inflammatory. Grind the neem leaves in the mixer grinder. Make a paste of neem powder and rose water. Apply this paste every day as a pack on your face. 
  • Drink homemade bitter gourd juice (karela juice) at least once in a week. This will help to remove the impurities from the body, through detoxification.
  • Remember the old clay sand (multani mitti). It keeps the skin smooth and glowing. Regular use of it, made into a paste, also helps to control the secretion of oil and avoid pimples to a great extent.