Are you fed up of the waste lying around in your cupboard or drawers and you don’t have a clue whether to throw them away or put to them to use? Fret not, help is at bay.

Here are tips to make the best out of the waste in your house. Every girl should know ways to recycle and re-use her stuff her home, all you have to do is put on your thinking caps and get creative.

  • If you have sequin fabric or dupatta/ stole at home, you can transform it into a clutch bag. Cut them into a square, stitch in a lining from inside, followed by a stitch on all the three sides of the cloth and add a zipper. You have a trendy clutch bag on you.
  • If you have old CDs lying in your drawers. Simply place a crochet or jute flower or any kind of stick-on on them and transform it into a fancy coaster. Flaunt your fancy coasters to your colleagues or friends over a tea party.
  • If you have left-over wine, beer or sauce bottles at home, take wool threads, and paint the bottles with glue. Wrap the wool threads onto the bottles and keep wrapping until you reach the top. You are ready with your yarn wrapped bottled. Use it as a nice flower vase or gift it to your pal.
  • If you have pine cones lying in your garden, pick them up and paint them to a colour of your choice. Attach a straw at the end of the pine cone and you can have varied coloured pine cone dry flowers in your flower vase.
  • If you have a left over ceramic plate which has been left out of a set, ladies don’t lose sleep over it. Simply paint the plate with water paints or else you could paste your family pictures on them. This is perhaps the best way to re-use your old/left out dish.
  • You could use your old yet sturdy shoes as a pot for your plants and flowers.  They would last you a couple of months but they look extremely trendy when painted in silver or gold. 
  • If you have a fused bulb, simply take out the wires from inside the glass bulb. From the opening add a small money plant and slide in some water. You have just won yourself a cute vase.
  • If you have old floppy disks lying in the house. Take 5 of them, and attach them to each other with a cable wire or thick thread, joining in such a way that it appears like a cube. Make sure one of the sides is left open. This can be used as a pen holder or a cutlery holder.