Well manicured hands and shiny, colourful tips add definition to a woman’s personality. But the wrong nail colour can make or break your first impression! So it is important that choose your nail polish wisely.

There are three major factors to consider while buying nail paints (and you thought this was easy!). One is, of course, the colour, the second is the finish and the third is the safety factor.

Here’s a lowdown on how to make the right choice.

Colour Me Pretty:

Nail paints come in every colour imaginable, but that doesn’t mean you stock up on everything. Choosing the right shade depends on what your skin colour is.

Bright shades such as fuchsia, red and blue look good on those with fair skinned hands. Closer home, our Indian dusky skin tone will be offset by earthy colours such as maroons and browns.

There are a few classic shades, which you can’t go wrong with, no matter your skin tone. These include copper, black, nude and very light shades of lilac.

The in colours for this season are neon shades of blue, pink, green and peach, while black and blood red are still ruling. Nail colours should also be age appropriate, so younger women can experiment with brighter shades while others can stick to evergreen hues.

Working women should ensure their nails don’t catch too much attention so they should stick to neutral shades such as pale pinks, creams and nudes.