In our two previous posts on breast cancer, we have already covered the basics of breast cancer, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. This third installment aims to depict the prevention techniques and what to do if the cancer comes back.


This is a brief guide on things to do to prevent breast cancer. The preventive steps may be divided into the following categories :

Regular Self Examination:

This is the key to detecting the disease in its earlier stages so that it can be controlled comparatively easily before the cancerous cell growth spreads to other parts of the body. Do make it a point to go for regular mammograms too depending on your age.

Lifestyle Changes:

Regular light exercises like walking, aerobics or cycling, maintaining a healthy weight, getting adequate rest and keeping a tab on the various risk factors may go a long way towards ensuring protection from breast cancer.

Diet Changes:

Eating a well balanced diet with the right combination of fruits and vegetables helps in reducing the risk of cancer.

Taking in folate, whole wheat and fortified products, green leafy vegetables, eggs, tomatoes, green tea, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries increases your chances of fighting against this disease. Above all, do not forget to cook healthy with minimum of frying.

Breast Cancer Recurrence

Most cases of recurrences occur within the first five years of treating the disease. Large size of the tumor, involvement of the lymph nodes and the rate at which the cancerous cells multiply may affect the chances of the recurrence of breast cancer. It may be local (at the original site itself), regional (around the original site), or metastasis recurrence (in other body parts).

The treatment on the recurrence of cancer depends on the treatment that one initially underwent through for the removal of the cancerous cells.

It is very important to maintain one’s calm under such circumstances and think logically as to what may have gone wrong. Sometimes, making small tweaks in your current lifestyle and dietary intake can play a profound role in treating the recurrence along with other medical treatment options.

Do not lose hope and do not compare yourself with other patients. Maintain constant communication with the team of doctors and schedule regular appointments.

Finally always remember, if you have fought this disease once, there is no reason why you can not do it this time.

Do not miss the last part in this exhaustive four part series on breast cancer. Coming up is how to deal with mastectomy, life after cancer and how to cope with cancer through support groups.

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