Author: Megha Sareen

6 Types of Delivery Complications

Pregnancy is the most wonderful part of a woman’s life. It is the time when the transition into motherhood introduces you to a whole new world of emotions that you never knew you could feel. In the nine months of your pregnancy, you begin to form a bond with your unborn child; you feel a powerful connection and the fierce need to protect your baby from every possible threat. Though most pregnancies get by smoothly, one should be prepared for the worst of all situations – delivery complications. It does require nerves of steel to even imagine something untoward...

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Vivid Dreams during Pregnancy: Is there an Explanation?

Expecting? Congratulations! Pregnancy, though a happy phase in every woman’s life, comes with its own set of weird and awkward moments! Every mom to be has a different experience to share, and yet we connect to almost all our pregnant peers! One of our pet peeves include having vivid, at times, even scary dreams, occurring over all three semesters. For an expectant mother, this can be disturbing, at times, since she may worry if they mean something more. There are many explanations about why pregnant women experience these night-time illusions. Suppressed fears of labor, impending motherhood, the health of...

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Facials to Save Face!

As every season changes, our skin practically screams for attention! Rightly so, because the drastic changes in weather from harsh winds of the arid winters to hot and humid summers  our skin often feels lifeless and devoid of moisture. Facial skin is most susceptible to these changes, since it can’t be kept covered. This is why getting a regular facial is immensely important to replenish the skin and retain its moisture quotient. However, when it comes to facials, there isn’t any one-size-fits-all solution. Everybody has different types of skin and different skin problems that need to be tackled individually....

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Does your Self Esteem Like or Dislike FB?

Did you “like” your friend’s picture on Facebook? She does look awesome in that dress, right?. No way could it fit you! There you go, doubting yourself again. However, it is not entirely your fault. Did you know social networking, and self-esteem is very closely related? It is true. Teenage girls are especially vulnerable as was found in a study at the New Flinders University, Melbourne, Australia. Ninety percent of the girls who were interviewed had a Facebook account by the age of 11. They had ‘intensive’ conversations with peers on social media. Although 85% of the girls interviewed...

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Top 5 Fashion Secrets to Hide the Bulge!

The problem with the fashion industry is that it has created a senseless notion of ‘Slim is beautiful and fat is repulsive’. It is time we challenged it, because curvy and voluptuous is what women are all about! However, plus-sized women in India often find themselves at a loss when it comes to dressing up, especially in Western outfits. Although there is plenty of variety available in plus-size clothing, choosing the correct cut and fit is something we need to work on. The right choice of clothes can make you look far slimmer than your actual size. Here are...

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