Editor’s Note: If you are alone in the USA and wondering whether you will able to manage the delivery of your child single-handedly then don’t worry. Many women have gone through this before. We bring you stories of some here.

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Don’t get Scared –revaselva

The initial 3 months are more important for you and baby, so better have family support.

The following are where I faced difficulty:

Post partum traditional food preparation: I am a South Indian, so we have little different diet during first 2 months of postpartum. Usually elders will know what food to eat and what to avoid for better health and better milk supply. since this phase is when u will establish a good supply of milk for your baby. You don’t want to strain yourself during this time.

Sleep and rest for mom: You can peacefully sleep at least few hours, when u know baby is in your mom’s hands and this secure feeling, u won’t get with nanny or anyone else. And u will lose this much needed rest with no help.

Baby massage and bath: This is most important help u need as a new mom. The traditional way of bathing baby is much better than a bath tub (this also if u can get). if u don’t have choice, then baby tub is fine. 

But to summarize, all these chores will feel daunting initially since you have not done that before and they eat up your rest time and makes your stressed out.

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