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As you finish 25 weeks of pregnancy and draw closer to the end of your second trimester, your mood swings and exhaustion still continues. It is normal so don’t worry too much, try and remain as calm as you can. Know more on how to handle your motherhood better in our pregnancy guide.

Changes in Your Body at Week 26 Pregnancy

At 26 weeks of pregnancy, the Braxton Hicks contractions would have become fairly more frequent by now. These feel like menstrual cramps. The way to ease yourself is to rest as much as possible.

Your back pain might increase due to the increase in your and your baby’s weight.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 26 Pregnancy

The baby’s body now grows more than its head and so it looks more and more like a new born.

The baby’s eyelids which has remained shut till now, slowly begin to open out and will begin to blink on its own. The eyes are little blue now but the color changes just after birth.

As the lungs keep growing and the nostrils open out, it gives the little one the practice it needs on how to breathe.

If you are having a boy then his testicles will move into his scrotum during this week.

At 26 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s brain cells are fast developing. So it can now understand and remember. The baby can hear you and actually moves to a rhythm when you speak. Studies have shown that even after birth a baby remembers a music that has been played to her in the womb.

Week 26 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

Don’t weigh yourself everyday to know how much you have put on. This is because you will notice fluctuations. This happens due to the water retention in the body. Just continue to eat healthy.

Headaches and pains are pretty frequent now and into the 27th week of your pregnancy as well. So do take adequate rest.

Varicose veins in your legs and feet can give you a lot of pain. Wear support stockings or tights to ease off the discomfort a little.

Week 26 Fun

Purchase a home fetal doppler or fetoscope. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat at home will increase your bonding with your child.

At 26 weeks of pregnancy, a baby can distinguish between yours and her father’s voice. So have your husband talk to the little one regularly. She will recognize this voice after birth too.

What does it feel like to see your child during ultrasound? What emotions run through you when you hear the sounds of the little ones heart beat? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

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Week 26 Pregnancy Discussions

Week 26 Have a Laugh

“Hey I am pregnant!”, the wife said with a smile as she stood on the weighing scale. “I  can’t see my toes anymore.”

“You mean to say five pregnancy tests, two ultrasounds hearing the heartbeat and three months of nausea didn’t convince you and your toes do?” The husband said desperately trying not to laugh.