Editor’s Note: If you are alone in the USA and wondering whether you will able to manage the delivery of your child single-handedly then don’t worry. Many women have gone through this before. We bring you stories of some here.

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Get Back to Your Feet Soon – nuss

It is not a piece of cake but easier than I thought. I wasn’t able to walk the first day when nurse tried but she was adamant and made me walk anyway. That actually helped, once I was over that fear I was able to walk slowly. Second day was much better. two of my stitches (staples) came undone and several times liquid from peritoneal cavity started oozing, I had to call my ob and he suggested to use a sanitary pad on my stitches. It was scary for me to see pink/red water coming out of stitches but nothing that worried my doc. Just need to take it slow and easy. I took shower every day, ate regular meals and drank lot of water. At my 6 weeks postpartum check up my OB was surprised to see me (I lost most of my pregnancy weight by then). I kept pretty active lifestyle (I didn’t go for walks etc but walked around the house a lot). 

I haven’t been around babies much and didn’t even know how to change a diaper. Nurses showed me everything at the hospital and then it was trial and error :). My mom has been to US several times but those were vacations, she could have come but she is old and I didn’t want her to work extra hard + I wanted to enjoy the time with my baby (it sounds a bit selfish) and also wanted my hubby to be able to bond with the newborn.

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