Editor’s Note: Deciding that you want to be a mother and actually becoming one are two different stories.  For some women conception becomes a big challenge. Then there are two options – to give up or to keep the faith alive. Our member Anithra chose the latter. She believed in herself and and she believed in motherhood. Share your story with us here. 

2 sessions clomids,8 IUI and 3 IVF.
Was ttc for 4 and half years..
No job,No kids,No good friends.
How does the above sound?

I am sure some might feel saddened,some surprised. However,will u believe none of the above affected me? Just kidding.I was affected by people trying to keep telling me to find a job and not waste time or try to party since I did not keep friends.I was not affected by ttc.

How did I do it? I believed. I was sure I will conceive but do not know when.Worst comes,I had 2 back up plans. to either adopt a child else to start a career,earn money and travel the world.

Coming back to TTC, After the clomid sessions failed,we tried IUI’s.Quite a process,but pregnancy never happenned.Even when it did,it did not stay.something was wrong.Did 8 sessions which took a long time.

Then came the IVF. Lots of injections,monitoring,still failed.finally conceived through 3rd IVF (reason I had a chromosome problem). IVF is not easy.A huge process,lots of time needed,lots of medicines and injections.

When I was TTC,there were “Sweet” Ladies who would pry and try to demoralize me. I told myself I will never let anyone see me weak or upset as I do not deserve to feel that way. I would not care because again, I believed I will conceive.More than me,I believed in the Almighty.

One important thing, every IVF makes you gain weight.I gained 9 to 10 lbs each time. To those people who get disappointed with that, I am a gym freak and I was advised no vigourous exercises and too many conditions.Imagine to stop doing something you love! I still did not care and I wanted to fight it out.I had a good diet,did walking,mild exercises and made sure I kept my weight in check.After all,I deserved to look and feel good. I also do not think about ttc 24/7 but do everything which makes me feel good.I was just being myself.

In a nutshell,

1) IVF is nothing to be ashamed of.It is just a process.that’s.
2) Trust in yourself and the almighty.NO matter what the problem is there can be a solution or else have a back up plan.
3) You need not give up on yourself nor should u.I see many girls depressed,gaining weight and upset and stressed. You girls deserve the best and fight it out.
4) Mental strength is important.Do whatever it takes for you to feel good.You need to feel good from the inside. look good from the outside.it will give you confidence.

Now,after all the pain..I am a mom to a beautiful baby gal.Not all IVF results in twins and not all twin moms went through IVF. Although I secretly admit,I would have been in 7th heaven if I had twins. I am now back to my original size and yes I do not have a tummy since I worked crazy hard for it.If I can do it, anyone can!

I wish the above post would make you feel better. All the very best and everything will be awesome very soon! Baby dust to you!