I’m into my 24th week of pregnancy. After my scan last week, I got to know that my placenta is not at the upper side of the uterus where it should be, but on lower side. My doctor says it is like this in quite a few cases and that it will move upwards gradually as the baby grows bigger. Is this true? Or are there chances of a miscarriage? What are the precautions that I should take so that my baby remains alright?



The placenta starts developing around the fertilised egg once it attaches itself to your uterus. Usually this placenta is attached to the upper part of the uterus. In case it gets embedded to the lower part of your womb, then you will have a low-lying placenta.

Your doctor is right, and it is now common to see pregnant ladies with low-lying placenta, a condition that is called ‘Placenta Previa’. However, you need not worry about this phenomenon, as long as you follow your doctor’s directions.

One of the complications associated with low lying placenta is bleeding during pregnancy, which could induce an early labour. In some cases, the low-lying placenta might stick to the uterus wall and not come off after your baby’s birth, in which case it has to be surgically removed.

However, these are rare complications, so do not worry. Your doctor will prescribe various scans, including a biophysical scan, to see where the placenta has migrated to. Stick to these scans and avoid missing any of these since it will help your doctor monitor your baby’s growth and the position of the placenta. In case, if the placenta is low-lying as you near your delivery date, your doctor might ask you to be prepared for a Caesarean section, to avoid any problems to your baby.

Just focus on maintaining a healthy way for life by eating nutritious foods, especially iron-rich foods like leafy vegetables, beetroot, pumpkin, apples, red meat, pulses, etc., so that you do not suffer from anemia. Think happy thoughts and keep away from negativity of any kind. Follow an active lifestyle by walking around at a comfortable pace, but avoid overexertion or indulging in any physically demanding work, which could lead to sudden bleeding.

Since you are already in your 24th week of pregnancy, the chances of a miscarriage are thankfully negligible. If you spot any bleeding, even without any pain, or experience any abdominal pain, inform with your doctor immediately, especially when you are in your third trimester. He/she will be able to take the right corrective steps to avoid any problems to your baby, or you. 

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