It is an incredible experience reading the series of books written by the author Kanika G for growing children. The most important elements of the theme behind her books are to focus on development of creative mind, critical reasoning, reading and writing skills, morality, extra-curricular activities, community involvement and helping tendencies in the day to day routines.

The author’s creativity excels in her selection of topics that attracts her daughter (in her case it is animals and insects),identifying and refining what makes her daughter listen and involve in collaboration and bonding between mother and daughter, introduction of new words to build linguistic skills and line of questioning to make her daughter derive answers in order to build righteousness and decision-making skills.

It is common knowledge that reading at a very young age develops children very well. The author has taken this step to the next new level by not only developing what would be an interesting read to her daughter but also jointly developing such themes using her daughter as an editor to eliminate uninteresting portions.

In simple terms, the author instead of publishing a new set of children’s book, she has introduced a concept for young mothers to develop their own activities with their children.

Tania’s Adventures

In the very first book titled “The poor bedraggled kitten”, she introduced the concept of being considerate to the animals in need and acceptance of change by educating both cats to enjoy the company of each other.

In the second book titled, “Pancakes”, she taught her daughter how to collaborate successfully with her mother through her involvement in preparation of food when she feels hungry.

In her third book “Tania’s Cycling Adventure”, the author introduced how to be responsible when her child is on her own and how to be apologetic when the freedom given to be independent is breached.

The fourth book titled, “Tania’s Treasure Hunt” gave her the ability to find her hidden birthday gift through series of clues that she could relate with rhymes known to her.

The fifth book titled “Tania has an idea” demonstrates creativity and observation power of her daughter in determining the best gift that she could give to her mother.

Sixth book “Tania’s Dilemma” teaches her daughter to respect the feelings of elderly grandmother and make a right decision and how such decision is good for her daughter in the long run.

Seventh book,“Tania is a Detective” demonstrates her daughter’s critical observation and patience to find her lost doll.

“Tania’s Costume Party” gives her daughter the ability to make informed decision taking into account the available resources. “The Little Narcissist” explains how one could move out of addiction by constantly engaging the mind in another interesting activity.

The publication titled, “Tania’s Blog” provides information about series of activities her daughter was involved in building a garden to preparing a self-portrait.

“Tania’s New Bicycle” is a book that is focused on a theme of how to build self-confidence and openly apologize for the mistakes without any inhibitions. When a mother apologizes to her daughter, the daughter learns to regret her mistakes.

“Tania Celebrates Diwali” educates and introduce various aspects of the festival at length to the children. This kind of interaction at the time of festival gives rich knowledge about the significance of the festival and at the same time involve them in every single activity.

“Tania’s Discovery” explains the concept of time and how the lifestyle and our thought processes change as the children grow over a period of time. This important book also explains how to make efforts after fixing a goal in life.

“Tania Plays a Trick” is an education book that describes the mischievous quality of a child resulting in stress to an elderly person and how the child not only forgives herself but mend ways to reconcile with that elderly person.

Lastly, “Bookworm Babies” describe how reading habit of a child enhances in an attractive environment and how such environment could be created in collaboration with other parents and children.

About the Author

The author holds a doctorate in Physics from Washington State University, Pullman, WA. She worked as post doc at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM for two years before she decided to have children. Now she is a mother of two adorable children. She used her research mindset to study the mind of her daughter to  understand her interests and teach her reading, writing, vocabulary development, etc. through intense but fun exercises.

She also cleverly uses these experiences to teach morals. Her style of encapsulating life lessons through collaboration with her daughter is worthwhile learning experience for expectant or young mothers.

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