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Congratulations you are done with 35 weeks of pregnancy! You are going to be completing nine months from conception. Your baby will be born any time now as most births occurs between the 36th to the 40th week. So before your labor begins, do go through our e-book on managing pregnancy.  

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Changes in Your Body at Week 36 Pregnancy

Even though you have adapted well to your pregnant body, as you step into the 37th week of pregnancy soon, you might still find walking around quite a challenge. There is extra pressure in your lower abdominal area. This is due to baby’s head dropping into position and shifting to birth canal. This process is known as lightening or engagement.

At 36 weeks of pregnancy constant trips to the restrooms will make you prone to UTIs. So do take care of the hygiene in the toilets and completely avoid any public restrooms.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 36 Pregnancy

The fat under the arms, knees and legs continue to build at this stage for your baby. This makes the baby’s skin look more pink and smooth than before.

Most babies get into the head down position – all set for birth. Some, however tend to be ‘head up and feet in your pelvis’ position. This is called the breech position. With little space for it to move around now this could mean a Cesarean operation for you. For those of you who have given birth earlier, sometimes the baby can also lie in the ‘across’ position and move to the right position just before birth.

Week 36 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

At 36 weeks of pregnancy do speak to your doctor about screening for Group B Streptococcus. This can be found in the vagina of even healthy women. But if passed to the baby during birth, it can lead to serious lung infections in the baby.

If you have older children, do set aside time to speak to them about the arrival of the new sibling.

Make arrangements for childcare now and don’t leave it till after the birthing has happened.

Week 36 Fun

At 36 weeks of pregnancy get hold of a manicurist and a pedicurist. Invite a few friends. Get your toe and finger nails painted and enjoy the colours.

Plan a meal with your family. Have the portions and the sizes in ‘baby sizes’ just for the fun of it.

Have you spoken to the older kids about the new arrival? How are they reacting? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

Week 36 Pregnancy Articles – Coming Soon!!!

Week 36 Pregnancy Discussions

Week 36 Have a Laugh

Q. What are two things in the air that will get a woman pregnant?

A. Her legs!

Q. What does it mean when they say the baby’s head is crowning?

A. You will feel that not only the crown but the entire throne is trying to make its way out of you