Congratulations! You’re pregnant! I’m sure there are a ton of questions whizzing through your mind as to what the next steps should be. While your ob-gyn can take care of most of your concerns, you have to be very vigilant of your diet.

You will definitely need to gain weight during your pregnancy but eating the right kind of foods is important. While you can eat most of your favourite foods, there are some that you need to steer clear of. Your ob-gyn will give you a list of things to exclude from your diet so as to get the best nutrients for your baby without harming its growth.

Here’s what should be avoided:


Raw or unripe papaya is said to have a high concentration of latex that essentially includes papain and chymopapain. These components can be risky for pregnant women, as they can induce an abortion or cause abnormalities in the baby. Mothers in the last trimester are also asked to avoid this fruit as it can induce premature labour by increasing uterine contractions.


Although immensely delicious and juicy, pineapple is a favourite in summer. However, pregnant women should stay away, since it is known to cause abortions, by inducing contractions. Some doctors also believe that it also contains Bromelian that softens the cervix that may cause diarrhoea.


We all love our coffee, but pregnant women should try and avoid it as much as possible as it is known to contribute to miscarriage and fertility issues. That means cutting down on coffee, certain soft drinks, tea and coffee flavoured products. Dark chocolate is also best avoided.


Pregnant women need to cut out alcohol completely from their diet, since, simply said, it is a toxin. Since your baby gets its nutrients from your bloodstream, it will evidently ingest alcohol as well. Alcoholic drinks are known to have caused permanent damage to a developing foetus, by restricting the ability of its cells to grow.


Certain kinds of fish need to be avoided as it contains traces of mercury that can lead to brain damage in a developing foetus. These include tilefish, king mackerel shark and sword fish. Others such as bluefish, striped bass, salmon, pike, trout, and walleye contain polychlorinated biphenyls that results in memory problems in the baby.