I had my thyroid removed two years back. I suffer from irregular periods too. Can I become pregnant successfully given my condition? My husband and I have been trying to start a family for some months now, but I have not yet conceived. What could be the reason?



Our thyroid plays an important role in ovulation. But that does not mean that women who have undergone a thyroidectomy cannot conceive. In short, the removal of thyroid is not a contraindication for pregnancy.
Coming to your problem, firstly, identify a healthcare institution that specializes in all kind of gynecological issues and has an expert who can handle your case. Your doctor will then run a series of tests to check your bodily functions and also your thyroid profile status before guiding you on pregnancy. Without proper investigation, you would be groping in the dark, which will lead to dejection.
Your doctor will also try to identify the cause for your irregular periods. Once identified, you will be started on a treatment course to regularize it. This is the first, and most crucial, step to be taken towards getting pregnant successfully. You might also be recommended oral supplements like folic acid, so do follow your doctor’s advice properly.
You need to have a little patience while planning a family. Sometimes it takes longer for some couples as compared to others. However, do not lose hope. Follow a healthy lifestyle, stay active and adopt a positive outlook.

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