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As you move closer to week 10 of pregnancy, you will be preparing for another visit to your doctor soon. Keep all your questions ready. Be that about your diet, exercises and also about the various tests and vaccinations that you need.

Changes in Your Body at Week 9 Pregnancy

At 9 weeks of pregnancy the growing size of your uterus will make you feel bloated and also lethargic. Exercise and eat a well balanced diet to keep yourself feeling more pepped up.

Compared to the 8th week of your pregnancy, you might notice some further weight gain at this stage. This is more due to the water retention in your body rather than anything else.

As the progesterone hormone keeps working in your body, be prepared for a phase of more mood swings and quite a bit of aches and pains. But don’t fret too much over it as this is normal during any pregnancy.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 9 Pregnancy

The one inch long and three grams heavy ‘baby’ begins to put on weight from this period onward.

At 9 weeks of pregnancy,  most of the physical features are in place and the baby’s vital organs and muscles begin to function on their own by now.

During this week, the baby’s eyes get fused or shut. It will reopen only in the 27th week of pregnancy.

If you are curious about the sex of your child, then you will have to hold on for a few more weeks. This is because, although the baby’s sex organs have developed by now, the doctor will find it tough to distinguish them just yet.

As for the heart – it has fully divided itself into four distinct chambers and pumps blood at a very fast pace.

Week 9 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

As your uterus grows you will experience some cramping. These are called “braxton hicks” contractions. However, if this is accompanied by vaginal bleeding then it is vital that you visit your doctor at the earliest.

At 9 weeks of pregnancy,  unless your doctor has advised you against it, you can continue to have sexual intercourse with your partner. However if you experience any pregnancy bleeding then stop and visit your doctor immediately.

Before you make any plans of travel, consult your doctor. In cases where the pregnancy is a normal one with no complications, there is no problem with travel (other than being away from your health care professional).

This is the time when you should begin thinking of how to break the news of your pregnancy to your boss and colleagues at work (unless you already have). This becomes more important if you have a job that is strenuous or requires standing up for long hours.

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Week 9 Fun

At 9 weeks of pregnancy read up a little about your legal rights regarding your maternity leave etc. It will help when you break the news at work.

Set aside a few minutes every day to connect with your baby. Just close your eyes place your hands on your belly and slowly breathe in and out. Think about your baby or even talk to the baby as you do this.

So how did you break the news about your pregnancy at work? How did your boss react? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

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Week 9 Pregnancy Discussions

Week 9 Have a Laugh

Once a lady who couldn’t understand English too well went for her pregnancy check up.

The doctor said “You have an insufficient passage and if you have a baby it will be a miracle

The woman went home crying.

When the husband asked her what the matter was, she said, “The doctor says I have a fish in the passage and if I have a baby it will be a mackerel!”