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38 weeks of pregnancy is over. Smile – because it is almost done. You have made it! Soon you will be holding the new life in your arms. Glance through our guide to managing pregnancy as you await the labor to start.

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Changes in Your Body at Week 39 Pregnancy

The discomfort inside will grow and it may be increasingly tough for you to lie down or walk around. But hold on – the 40th week of pregnancy is just round the corner.

The swellings on your hand, feet and face will continue. Drink plenty of water to cure this.

As your breasts grow and prepares for lactation, it will be leaking colostrum quite often now.

At 39 weeks of pregnancy as your baby moves closer to your cervix (called effacement), the cervix becomes softer and thinner.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 39 Pregnancy

As your baby utilizes most of the space inside the womb, the labor pains can begin any time now.

At 39 weeks of pregnancy the baby’s lungs are fully mature. But it does not function on their own till after birth.

Even if your child is not born in this week, he or she should remain active inside you. Any doubts that you might be having in this regard should be reported to the doctor immediately.

Week 39 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

The easiest way to differentiate between false and real labor pain at 39 weeks of pregnancy is that the latter will prevent you from walking or talking.

If lying down and sleeping becomes difficult for you then sleep and relax in a recliner. Many expectant mothers find this a better option.

At 39 weeks of pregnancy read up about episiotomy. It is an incision that is made either down-away from the vagina and perineum, or straight down through the perineum between the vagina and anus to avoid natural tearing during the birthing process. It might be required if the baby has a large head, the baby is distressed, the birthing is happening suddenly or if the baby is positioned incorrectly.

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Week 39 Fun

Play your favourite songs. Don’t dance around too much though! But listen to them and feel happy.

Try reflexology. It is said to help your body relax and also curb insomnia. However do seek your doctor’s permission.

Sort out all your paper work like renewal of passport, drivers license, tax papers etc. while these may not be too much of fun, it is necessary. And with a crying baby at hand, soon they might just become quite a tough thing to handle.

Have you felt the labor pains yet? Have you finalized on the birthing plan/ Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

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Week 39 Have a Laugh

Three men were waiting expectantly outside the labor ward. Soon a nurse came out to tell the first man: “Congratulations. You are the father of twins.”

“Wow! How about that? I work for the Doublemint Chewing Gum Company!”

After a few minutes the nurse came out to tell the second man: “Congratulations. You are the father of triplets.”

“Triplets!” he said. “What a coincidence! I work for the 3M Organisation!”

The third man turned and said, “I need some air. I work for 7-Up!”