Your skin is looking remarkably vibrant, and you are glowing. These are the compliments you get when you are pregnant. Yes you are happy; you will be a mom soon.   Along with the happiness and the pride of becoming a mom there are also other problems which you face during the nine months of pregnancy phase. Problems like morning sickness, swelling of the feet, giddiness, and pregnancy weight gain, are some of the problems which occur during the pregnancy phase. Know all about it in the Top 15 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy.  

Yes, you can have issues with your skin as well, in spite of the complements.

During pregnancy the body goes through a lot of changes, especially the condition of skin, hair, and nails may worsen.

Those with oily skin, then the acne can get worse. The reason for this is that the male sex hormone increases during pregnancy, which produces large quantities of oil glands and causes secretion of oil.

Many women experience dark patches on their face. Dark patches appear on cheek bones, near the nose area and the upper lip region of the face. Most of these patchy marks disappear few months after pregnancy. You need to give your body time to settle down with the new changes, after you have delivered your baby, before your skin issues get solved.

Stretch marks appear on the abdomen. Stretch marks are the appearance of silver lines on the abdomen, due to the stretching of the skin. You may also experience itchy skin on the lower part of the abdomen as well as your stomach increases in size.

Here are some remedies to your problems:


Exercise every day. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you become lazy. Exercising releases sweat. This is essential for you.


Cut down on the spicy food as much as you can. Spicy food adds to frequent acne occurrence and may also cause acidity.


Drink water as much as you can. The blood flow is very fast during the pregnancy period. Water will help in mechanisms of the body organs.

Coconut water is your god father. Start consuming coconut water from the day you know you are pregnant. Coconut water contains nutrients which help to cool your body. Also it has nutrients which are high in anti- ageing effect. Coconut water also helps in preventing the occurrence of the acne as it is cool fluid. Coconut water also makes the womb strong.