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Although many of you would have had your first doctor visit by the 7th week of pregnancy, some doctor’s mark this week as a very important week. This is because once you have missed two periods, all probabilities of a false pregnancy or even an early miscarriage is reduced to a minimal.

Changes in Your Body at Week 8 Pregnancy

As the baby grows inside you, your beasts also begin to become more tender. This is because they start to prepare for lactation. You might notice dark veins around your breasts at this time. This is called varicose veins.

This is also the time when hormonal changes turns your areolas (the region around your nipples) dark and your nipples also grow in size.

You might also notice a yellowish thick liquid discharge from your nipples. This is called the colostrum.

You might experience cramping around your abdomen. This is fairly common and happens because of the growing uterus.

At week 8 of pregnancy, know more from our pregnancy e-guide, about what changes your body will undergo as you wait for motherhood to happen.

Your Baby’s Development at Week 8 Pregnancy

Your baby is the size of a grapefruit now and weighs only 3gms. It will keep gaining weight as you step into week 9 of your pregnancy.

Technically, your baby moves out of its ‘embryonic phase’ and moves into its ‘fetal phase’ during this week.

At week 8 of pregnancy,  as the intestines grow it begins to protrude into the umbilical cord because the space in the abdomen gets reduced. This will be so until the twelfth week.

Other Baby developments during this week are:

  • This is the time when the gonads are forming into either testicles or ovaries
  • Bones at the elbows and the wrists become harder. This is called ossification.
  • The feet and hands have become longer. And if you can count very closely you will be able to count all twenty.
  • At week 8 of pregnancy the ears begin to take shape not only externally, but internally as well.
  • The jaw line begins to form

Week 8 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

At week 8 of pregnancy, since your breasts are growing in size, becoming more tender, and producing colostrum, this is the time when you should buy yourself good maternity bras. Purchase at least two, and wash them on a daily basis. Good hygiene near your breasts is essential during this phase. And when you do buy, get them a size or two larger to accommodate your growing breasts.

At week 8 of pregnancy consult your doctor regarding some breast exercises. These help to keep the milk glands active and help with milk production after child birth.

Week 8 Fun

Sign up for some pregnancy week-by-week email newsletters or buy a few pregnancy books. Read up more. The more you know, the less anxious you will feel about the baby inside you and your changing body.

If you have older kids, then include them in your reading sessions so that they know what you are going through and help you out instead of increasing your tension.

So your breasts are ‘leaking’? Or did you get to count those tiny fingers and toes? Join our due date club here and share your thoughts with other mums-to-be.

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Week 8 Have a Laugh

A pregnant lady delivered twins through caesarean. When she regained consciousness the nurse said she had had a boy and a girl. The lady wanted to see them.

Holding them in her hands she said “Oh! What should I name them?”

“Your brother has already done that,” the nurse replied. “He called the girl Denise.”

“That’s a pretty name. What did he name my son?”

The nurse replied, “De-nephew!”