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As you finish your sixth week of pregnancy, you will be happy to know that now your baby is growing at a rapid speed and you are very much pregnant now. So if you haven’t got yourself yet an OB/Gyn whom you are really comfortable with, then this is the time that you really find one.

Changes in Your Body at Week 7 Pregnancy

You might notice that your lower abdomen is a little swollen and you just might not comfortably fit into those pair of jeans of yours anymore. But it is most likely because of some bloating rather than the baby. The baby is still very small in size.

At week 7 of pregnancy, you will experience some amount of aches and pains. It is quite normal so don’t get too anxious about it. Continue to give yourself ample amount of time for relaxation.

Internally one major change that your body undergoes is the development of the mucous plug. This plug seals off the cervical canal. This is essential for the protection of the uterus. You will eventually lose this plug during child birth.

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Your Baby’s Development at Week 7 Pregnancy

Your baby is around 13 mm in size now and will grow a bit more when you finish your 8th week of being pregnant. and you can see its hands and legs during an ultrasound now. The baby’s facial features also begin to get more pronounced.

The developments that happen in this stage are:

  • At week 7 of pregnancy the teeth and the tongue begin to form
  • The retina and the lens of the eyes begin to develop
  • The baby begins to form its own blood type
  • The baby’s liver has begun to produce its own RBCs

Week 7 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

Make sure that you are taking the right dosage of your prenatal vitamins.

If you haven’t got a diet chart from your doctor, then now is the right time to get one because everything that you swallow from this period onward will affect your growing baby.

At week 7 of pregnancy  get yourself that support group because you really will need similar thinking and hormone influenced women!

Week 7 Fun

Do an internet search for baby names that are currently popular. And make a list of the ones that you like the best.

At week 7 of pregnancy buy yourself a nice aromatic oil and get pampered over a good massage. However, do keep the strokes very gentle on your stomach.

Enroll yourself in a library. Read up recipes that are good for you now and also what you can make for your baby after birth.

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Week 7 Have a Laugh

A pregnant woman put this up in her room “Danger: I could burst into tears or kill you in the next five minutes. I’m pregnant!”