Editor’s Note: Once your pregnancy is confirmed by the home pregnancy test kit, be ready for many challenges. Know more about the pregnancy symptoms in the Top 15 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy.  Morning sickness is one of them. While, it slowly subsides as the mother-to-be advances into the second trimester; for as long as it lasts it can cause a lot of mental and physical turmoil. Our member ramyasrini8 gives us five tips on how we can ease the morning sickness while we are expecting. Share your tips with us here.

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Some pregnant women suffer not only morning sickness, it’s often more morning, noon,
and night sickness. They feel sick all the time, and want to crawl back into bed. Pregnant women will learn in this article five powerful tips that will ease morning sickness.

Control Your Blood Sugar Level

Alleviate morning sickness pregnancy by keeping your blood sugar level stable. Obviously, sleeping is a major problem when you are trying to regulate your blood sugar. Try to eat without getting out of bed. Your partner will be happy to bring food to you every morning. Take only small bites. Try to eat a little bit, then wait to stand up. Give your body time to get the food into your system.

Watch What You Eat

Morning sickness pregnancy is also triggered by certain foods. Avoid foods that will
spike your blood sugar level. Foods such as processed sugars and white flour can cause morning sickness pregnancy. Whole grain foods and protein are a good alternative as they are less likely to cause nausea.

Be Careful With Drinking Too Much Water

Although Doctors will tell you repeatedly to drink plenty of water, it can make morning
sickness pregnancy worse. They are trying to ensure that dehydration doesn’t become a problem. Try some alternatives to water. Try drinking smoothies with a little plain yogurt with fruit mixed in. Mix the water with a little lime or lemon. You can even try tea – cold or hot tea very watered down. Fruits such as melons can help with morning sickness pregnancy. Regardless of your preference, it is extremely important to stay hydrated. If water is exacerbating morning sickness pregnancy, you do need alternatives.

Smells Can Trigger Morning Sickness 

Another issue that can cause morning sickness pregnancy is odors. There are steps you can take to alleviate morning sickness pregnancy due to smells. One hint is to let your husband change diapers if you have other children. Cook odor-neutral foods – no garlic, onions, or oily fish. Stay away from people that have odor problems. They can make your morning sickness pregnancy worse.

Positive Thinking

You can ease morning sickness pregnancy by focusing on positive things. Remember,
while your face is in the toilet, you are growing another person inside you. This is one of
the most wonderful times in your life, and the morning sickness pregnancy will not last
forever. In a few months, a beautiful baby will come out and your life will be more
fulfilled than you could ever imagine. Read baby name books, look at pregnancy clothes, and try to get yourself excited that you are about to have one of life’s greatest little gifts.