I am 8 weeks pregnant right now and I have severe vomiting. I don’t feel like having any food. I don’t feel like having even the usual food I used to prepare earlier. Can you please suggest what types of food I should eat to prevent nausea and what I should eat?


Nausea is usually experienced by pregnant women in their first trimester and is usually strongly felt in the morning. It is often caused due to rising oestrogen levels, excess stomach acids and sometimes stress.
While you might be tempted to avoid eating food because of the nauseous feeling it might lead to, do not stay hungry for long intervals as your baby and you need proper nutrition.
Eat small meals five times a day instead of three large meals. Also, avoid eating spicy, oily or rich food, which will only make you feel more nauseous and gaseous. Some foods that you can include in your meals are sandwiches, fruits, salad, cereals, curd, soup, broth, porridge or plain vegetables or fruits. These are better absorbed by the body, and will not make you feel like throwing up.
In between meals, try to snack on fruits, almonds, crackers or rusk biscuits as it will stave off hunger and relieve any nausea. Lemons help quell vomiting and you can eat them, suck on them or simply sniff them. Even ginger flavored biscuits or candied ginger are good remedies as is sipping on peppermint, ginger or cardamom flavored tea.

Avoid spicy or deep fried foods as well as those that have strong aromas. Strictly avoid outside food as you never know what has gone into it. While people around you might insist you eat heavy meals, avoid overloading your system with too much food at one go. Also, it is advised that you do not drink fluids while eating your meals – either have it before or after.
In case, your nausea does not abate, consult your doctor, who might suggest some supplements or Vitamin B6 tablets.

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