Editor’s Note: India has been Independent for a long time. And today, more often than not, this is what we hear from our children. Should they not know more out our nation’s fight for Independence? Should they not respect it it more? Our member jananirbk shares thoughts on this with us You can too. Click here and tell us what you think.

“Chithi!! Coming Sunday also we have to go to school!!! It has been more than 63 years since we attained independence!! What is the big deal in celebrating still?” my nephew asked!! I am not shocked to hear it from a sixth grader, but I felt ashamed of myself of not making him understand what Independence Day is all about!!

Independence Day is not another holiday where we can comfortably sit on the couch, munch out, and watch “first time in television history” films, dance programs, and complain about what and all we do not have after 63 years of independence or grumble upon politicians, corruptions, crimes, and untidiness!! 

It is a day to visualize “a better tomorrow!!” It is a day to think about our future generation and what can we contribute to them!! It is a day to remember that if we all unite and focus on one direction to attain our goal, we will definitely achieve it!! It is a day to ponder over the importance of selfless sacrifices for the well-being of all!! A day to realize an eye for an eye is never the way forward!!! A day to think how we can make the lives of underprivileged around us better!! A day to realize that we should not expect someone to make wonders in our lives and what we can do to make our place a better place to live in!!! A day to remember and thank the people who made it possible the freedom we enjoy every second in our life, which we have taken for granted the other 364 days!