Summer holidays are almost over and it is time for the kids to head back to school. Here are a few tips to help you out.


When holidays begin then all routines are forgotten. A few weeks before school open get her back to a rhythm, starting from a time for studies to getting up in the morning during school hours. Make sure you put a cap on the number of television and iPad watching hours as well.

More Organized

When holidays are there, kids sit back and relax. But now that school is about to reopen, get her to organize her things once again. For example; set out the clothes that she will wear next morning, keeping the study table in order etc.


In most school, the post summer session means the beginning of a new class. Help your child to understand that she will be going to a higher class with different teachers and different expectations from them. Once the school books for the new class are bought, you can even go through the initial lesson plans for the various subjects.


Holiday times are times when there are vacations ad lot of eating out. But with the opening of schools round the corner, get her back to eating healthy. You can even spend the last few days discussing healthy snack box ideas with her. It will help you when you have to get into the routine of packing tiffin for her every morning.

Extra Classes

Parents love to enroll their kids for various summer workshops so that the kids get to enjoy and learn things during the holiday time. But with schools restarting, do check how many of such classes she will be able to continue, if the time slots suit or not etc. There is no use putting extra pressure on the child’s mind.

New Accessories

Kids are bound to whine about going back to school after a long enjoyable holiday. So make the experience a little pleasurable for her. Go for a shopping spree and buy her new bags, bottles, pencil boxes etc. Sometimes materialistic pleasures also work.

New School

If your child is moving from play school to a proper school then prepare her for it. Show her the school, teach her some dos and don’ts (example: go to the toilet alone and not with friends), tell her how things will be different from the play school etc.


Do use last few weeks of holiday to teach your child how to be independent. Examples can be teaching her to write her name, where she stays etc. Also in a diary, write out emergency numbers and in a small box put a few emergency medicines, and band aid and show her where its kept in the bag just in case of she needs it.