Rakshabandhan celebrates the love between a brother and a sister.  As your daughter ties a rakhi around her brother’s wrist, you can also take this opportunity to have more fun with them n this day.

Guess Who

Bring out old pictures when the kids and their cousins were babies and ask them to guess who is the person. Then you can help them make a chart showing ‘then’ and ‘now’ with all these pictures and adding funny captions to them.

Write a Poem

Ask the kids to write out some adjectives that best describe their sibling. next ask them to use these words and write out a poem or a small prose piece. it doesn’t have to get serious at all. Even a rhyming poetry of a brother describing his younger sisters back hair and colourful clips will be a lot of fun.

Make Rakhis

You can make elaborate ones, or just simple ones out of craft paper, paint, glitter and a silk string. Add an innovative touch to it by sticking pictures of the brother and the sister together from, say, a memorable holiday.


get the kids into the kitchen on rakhi day. let them mess around a bit and you help them to make their own sweets. it could be cupcakes, kheer, ice cream or just a simple fruity milkshake. But, these, with its personal touch, is sure to be loved much more than those bought from sweet shops.

Pooja Thali

All done, rituals are important too. So get your child to help you prepare the pooja thali. She will learn and at the same time feel important too. Help them make a garland out of flowers, help you with the turmeric paste and even decorate the plate with sweets and dry fruits.