As your child grows, she slowly learns what sharing and caring means. And thus begins her journey of forming strong friendships and nurturing them all her life.

But there might often be times when you are asked for tips. How will you help your child? What will you tell her?


If your child sees you being friendly and affectionate towards others then she will learn by example. You can also ask her to do nice things for people at home. For example making a card for a sick uncle, helping you in the kitchen or even taking food for the neighbours. This develops empathy within them

Friendship Style

All kids are different. Some can mix around freely while others feel very shy. Know what your child is like. While you can tell her that social interactions are fun and enjoyable, never force her to do anything.

Also let her choose her own friends. Watch so that she does not get into any bad company and also so that she does not have to face bullies but let her assess and learn.

Friends at Home

After school, tuition and extra curricular activities, the amount of time that children get to just sit and have fun with their friends is very little. So open your home for them.

Allow your child to bring home friends and have fun times with them. of course, you can always lay some ground rules so that your house does not turn into a messy hole!

Troubled Times

Children, and even us adults, are always learning. So there is bound to be times when your child will tell you that she has had a fight with her best friend. Even before you begin to give her advice, give her a patient hearing. While showing some love and affection is good, don’t go over board. Give her an objective assessment to the situation and mature advice of what she should do next.

Popularity Quotient

As kids grow, they will ask you for things so as to increase their popularity quotient within the team. Teach them right and wrong and don’t relent for everything. Listen to her, talk about your childhood, maker her understand. And then let her come up with a solution.

Friends give us a lot of joy. But it requires a lot of effort to make and keep a good friend for a life time. Stand by your child as she discovers the meaning of friendship.