Our mothers did different things to keep us calm before an examination, and now it is our turn. Here are ten tips that will help your child overcome her exam stress.

No Talking

Sometimes, we parents, contribute to increasing their tension by excessively talking about it. For example; ‘did you revise the chapter’, ‘you have practiced your drawings’, etc. Avoid it. Instead talk to your child about other things that interest her.

Be Affectionate

Once she has finished her revision, you can accompany her for a walk in the park, or get her an ice cream. If your child sleeps in her own room, you can ask her if she wants to sleep with you. Just holding the mother’s hand at night is sure to reduce her stress.

Scores Are Not Everything

There is sure to be that time when, before an examination, your child will say things like ‘I am so stupid’, ‘I am not being able to remember anything’. During such times sit with her and talk to her about those who are very successful in life, even though they did not do too well in class, and that scores are important but not everything.

Don’t Compare

For those with more than one child, avoid the temptation to compare one to the other. Each has their own learning style, and each has their favourite subject too. So be realistic on what you expect from which child.

Learning Style

Try and understand what your child’s learning style is. Is she the one who wants you to sit in the room doing your own thing as she revises, or is she the one who wants you actually sitting with her and making her study; or is she happy if you are leaving her alone, promising a reward after she has finished etc. Knowing what works best for your daughter will help you to help her to overcome her stress.

Nothing New

Teach your child to keep the last few days before the exam, only for revision. It’s best not to pick up a new topic to study towards the end. It will just lead to increased tension, and the probability to confuse everything may increase.