Editor’s Note: Rakhi is coming! It is a time to celebrate and feel loved. Spend some time with your kids and help them make their very own designer rakhis. Our member subrabidha tells us how. Leave your ideas too, here.

Rakhi is a sacred amulet and it reflects a sister’s good wishes, love, for her beloved brother. Tying Rakhi at brother’s wrist implies that she prays for his long life and well-being. If you want to make this sacred and emotional function unique and want to have some intimate tough, hand made Rakhi is a great choice. Take little pain, time, and show your brother how important he is. Try this simple but elegant Rakhi and impress your brother.

Let’s see how to make Rakhi at home easily. It is about basic model, and you can improvise it with your imagination. Visit your local shops and by viewing different Rakhi makes your job simpler and you can get ideas to create perfect Rakhi for your brother.

Materials Required

  • Silk thread reel – 1
  • Cotton thread reel – 1 (it should be matching to your silk thread)
  • Old toothbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Small artificial pearl beads


Cut the silk thread reel into 20 to 25 pieces of 25” long. Red and green colours are considered auspicious. However, you can use whatever colour you want. If you want to have a multicolor Rakhi, you can use different colour threads and make it as a bunch.

Take these threads in a bunch and make the ends of all threads meet each other and fold it at the mid point. 

With the cotton thread, tie the bundle at 4 -5” below the mid point.

Now, you get two portions. One is longer than the other. Divide the longer portion of the bundle equally into two parts. This is going to be your Rakhi’s string portion. Plait the two parts separately and tie both the ends of the plaits with cotton thread leaving a margin of 2”. 

Next, come to the smaller portion of the thread. Cut the loop (smaller portion is still in loop as it is folded) with a scissor at the center. 

Using a toothbrush, brush the threads and make them soft and it gives a feathery look. Brush upwards gently until the thread become fluffy and soft. Brush the ends of the strings also.

With the help of glue, stick small pearls at the center of the Rakhi.

If you use red silk thread, then these pearl beads looks like dewdrops on a flower. If you use green colour thread, it looks like dew on grass. 

You can decorate the center portion, as you like. Place small circular colour foil and decorate it with beads, chunky etc. You can cut colour sponges in different shapes and decorate with beads.

Use golden threads and Zari to make your Rakhi so gorgeous. For little cute brothers, you can stick cartoon figures. If you want to make it as an auspicious one, stick small Ganesa or Rudraksh. 

Make your own Rakhi and celebrate this Rakhi in a grand manner and spirit. Happy Rakhi.