Editor’s Note: Children tend to procrastinate at times. Sometimes because they are lazy, they feel that the job at hand is way too boring and sometimes because they cannot multitask. But what happens to those who delay getting the work done on purpose? This is a lovely story that we can tell our children. It has been shared by our member tuffyshri. You too can share yours here.

Minu was a lovely girl. She was all perfect except that she used to keep postponing her current work for no reason. Her mother would always remind her for this habit of hers but she never listened at all.

She had a good friend Sara. They were of same age and class but different school. Sara was having her birthday in 5 days and she seeked Minu for help in coming with a good party. 

Minu – ‘Hey how about Chota Bheem concept’

Sara – ‘uh… that sounds exciting…’

Minu – ‘hmm let us see… you take help of your parents to do a lovely chota bheem cake’

Sara – ‘yeah… i will also ask them to order for some ladoos which is Bheem’s favourtie’

Minu – ‘cool… we can ask the girl children to dress up in lavendar like Chutki or Indhu’

Sara – ‘and the boys can come as Bheem’

Minu – ‘or jaggu, the monkey…’

ha ha ha they had good laughter and kept planning perfectly. Sara with the help of her parents did all the required arrangements. Before the D Day – 

Sara – ‘hey Minu.. thank you very much for the wonderful idea. The birthday party is going to be great’

Minu – ‘Oh dont mention, Sara. After all I can reuse this theme for my birthday right?’

Sara – ‘cool.. see I am going to have the party from 6 to 8 pm tomorrow. Please come over as soon as possible. I want to announce everybody that you are my best friend who has helped me do this party. I will not cut the cake without you’

Minu – ‘sure dear’

At home, Minu’s mother reminded her to get a good gift for Sara. But Minu as usual kept on procrastinating. She had or thought she had more other works than go to the shop.

On the birthday day, after returning from school Minu was busily doing her homework when the phone rang. Minu’s mother picked it and then informed Minu that it was Sara to remind her about the birthday that evening. Minu felt excited. She immediately rushed to her room. It was 4 o clock then. She kept trying on different outfits and kept dressing herself. Around 6 o clock, her mother knocked the door and informed that she was getting late for the party. The plan was that she would go to Minu’s house herself and that mother would pick her around 8 in the night. In a hurry Minu left faster without buying any gift!!

The party was a great success. Children were excited to be part of their favourite cartoon character. The cake cutting got over… games were over… slowly all the children proceeded to give their gifts to Sara. That is when Little Minu realised that she had come empty handed. She felt ashamed. She was almost in the wedge of crying. When all the children finished giving the gifts, she started crying. Sara’s parents tried to console her. Sara was not sure of the reason for Minu’s outburst. 

Minu – ((sob)) i am very very sorry Sara… I didnt get you a good gift at all… Mama told me so many times… but I kept on postponing the work… that I totally didnt have time later on to buy or make something myself…. ((sob))) I feel so bad

Sara – oh it is ok Minu… do you think I will hate you for not giving me a gift… no.. you are my best friend Minu…

And they hugged each other. By then they saw that Little Minu’s mother had come to pick her and surprise!! She had a HUGE pack of gift in her hand. She kissed Sara and wished her. She then gave the pack to Minu to give to Sara. 

Minu was speechless and she hugged her mother gratefully. 

‘Thank you very much Mama… you are the great’ she said. 

‘Well Minu… it is high time that you learn your lessons’ Mother said.

‘Sure Mama… I will not procrastinate my works anymore’ promised Little Minu. Her mother hugged her tight.

Sara and Minu rushed to opened the gift to see a lovely Thomas Cook Train!!!!

From then on, Little Minu did all the work immediately and did not miss out any more birthdays!