Editor’s Note: Childhood memories and the love of grandparents are intricately woven into a beautiful design and etched within our hearts for ever. Our member jasmine25 shares her story with us. You can write in and tell us about your grandparents too here. 

There is a saying “A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend”. But to me you were my best friend.Life is truly incomplete without you paati for the past 7 years. I am very proud to be your first grand daughter in our family tree. i take the pride that I gave you the paati designation.

I have heard stories from amma that from the day I was conceived in my mom’s womb you were the only person in our family to predict me as a girl.May be I would have heard you say that and from that moment onwards you became very special to me.

I knew I was your favourite amongst your twelve grand kid.you have never said that loud. You were so humble and would say you Like all the kids because you dont know to hurt others.i always adored your personality.

i can never recollect a single day passing without your narasus filter coffee’s aroma entering to my nose with suklambaratharam vishnum playing in the background at 5.30 am everyday.those days we had early morning shifts in our schools.you were the one who regularly took me to temples near our vicinity.all the way through you have told me zillion stories of all god and goddess which are still fresh in my memory.More than my mom you were always on your toes to pack my favourite tiffin box menu.your special and my favourite vatha kulambhu and potato fry.meals were delicious those days.

You taught me ragaas, keerthanai, slokhas,Bhagavad Gita. During all festivals like Diwali, Pongal ,Aadi ammavasai, navarathri etc you taught me the rituals to be followed along with the reason behind these rituals performed.you are not with me paati but am following your rules and regulations promptly while celebrating festivals believing that you are watching me from the heaven.

Everyday at least once your memory comes and goes away before I sleep but during festival season it haunts me like anything.today being pongal you were all throughout my house and my mind blessing me and your grand son in law – how much you loved him and was very happy for the choice that I took.i was very scared to tell you my love but to my utter shock and surprise you told me you are aware of it and you liked him too. i cannot forget that day in my life.it is etched in my memory.that is why we are best friends.

I remember the days I questioned you what is the secret of your beauty paati? I thought you would blush. But guess who was blushing – sweet thatta!  You and thatta in your wedding picture looked ditto like Gemini ganesan and savithri.All that I cherish forever is the copy of your photo which I have framed and kept in my Pooja room which I look in to everyday and understand what a true love and great bond you both shared.i always tell your grand son in law that – we as a pair can never match their love and respect for each other.

Are you aware of this paatima? When you left this world your precious husband torn into pieces and the very next year he expired.You both attend all family functions together as Jodi no 1 so thatta decided not to go alone for any party without you.Now happily he is back with you in the heaven.when I say the word heaven, even behind that word I can correlate your story.you were the one who told me stories of heaven and hell,puniya and pappam during my bedtime.i definitely know you both are happy in the heaven because all throughout your life you have done only puniya and lots of puniya.

Whenever I sing or listen to your favourite song “enna thavam seithanai” i can sense lumps in my throat and tears down from my eyes and it drives down my memory lane.

Nowadays marghazi season is not special for me because you were the one who made my marghazi month special.diwali days are not rocking without you,pongal is not tasty without you.navarathi gollu dolls are crying for your hot variety sundals.

You were a fun loving person.You were truly an angel in my life.lucky to have spent most of my childhood with you. I have learnt countless number of inherent qualities that you had.

I love you truly, madly and deeply paatima words cannot explain how much I miss you. Missing you overpoweringly,unconditionally,irrestibly,undoubte dly and overwhemlingly.

“If tears could build a stairway and memories build a lane, I would climb up to heaven and bring you home again”.

All that wish, hope and pray god that you should come to my life again in the form of my little angel in my womb and I should serve you for the rest of my life – by your ever loving kuttima.