Motherhood is exciting, but it is challenging as well. For a first-time mother sometimes it can become very intimidating. However, you can stay sane in your baby’s first year. Here are seven tips that will help you get through the first year of motherhood.

Say Yes for Help

A mother will have to take care of her child. This includes feeding, staying up at night, comforting a wailing infant and cleaning soiled diapers. All this can get a little overbearing at times. Feeling tired and wanting some free time is humanly. But many mothers feel guilty about it. However, one should not. If there is someone who offers to help, then don’t hesitate to say yes. This could be your spouse, relatives, friends or even a maid. Take that precious time to re-energize yourself.

Exercise and Eat Well

A mother’s body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy and post birth. Added to this is the need to stay sane in your baby’s first year, because of the constant attention that the child needs. This requires healthy food and exercise. Start with slow walks and moderate free hand exercises in the initial days following the birth of your child. Start vigorous exercises only after consulting your gynaecologist. For healthy food, don’t forget your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Milk, eggs, fish and meat should also form a part of your diet. Remember that if you are breastfeeding your child, your body will need constant replenishment. Also, during breast feeding, avoid consuming caffeine, too much of citrus fruits, chocolates and even vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage as they can make your child colicky.

Network with First-time Mothers

Post partum blues for mothers is a common phenomenon. One solution on how to stay sane as a first-time mom is by talking to other first-time mothers. Doing this will not only help you realize that you are not in it alone but also share thoughts, ideas and advice. For networking, there are many parenting websites where you can register yourself or even ask in the hospital if any such group exists.

Go Shopping Alone

Despite a mother loving her child with all her heart, she would want some time for herself to stay sane as new mom. Once you have arranged for someone reliable to look after your child, use that time and go shopping. You might land up buying more baby clothes rather than products for yourself. But it will surely freshen your mind. Even if you do not buy anything, just window-shopping in a mall with a coffee in hand, will work well for you too.

Entertain Yourself

If shopping does not suit you, and are wondering how to stay sane as a first-time mom, then find other modes of entertainment that you can sit at home and do. This could be reading or listening to music. If books interest you, then you can even read it while your baby is sleeping. If music is your passion, then listen to it with your child. Soulful instrumental music soothes an infant down quite effectively.

Sleep whenever Possible

While it is true that we as adults can sleep at odd hours of the day like our child, it is beneficial. Even if sleep eludes you, make it a habit to lie down when your child is sleeping. Avoid any household chore or even indulging in any of your hobbies during this time.