Editor’s Note: Using a mustard seed pillow under a child’s head during sleep time is an advice that has been followed for generations. It is said that these pillows not only shapes their heads better but also keeps colds away due to its warming properties. Here are some more advantages and thoughts about it from our IL members. Share your thoughts with us here.

Reduces Chances of Flat Head

Mustard seeds are filled in a bag/cloth and stitched to form the shape of a pillow. Whenever the baby rolls/moves his/her head the pillow takes the shape of the head. This is like a bean bag or foam granules pillow. This can be made in home. Wash required amount of mustard seeds thoroughly. Dry it in the sun. Ensure that it dries well. Stitch a cloth on three sides (or use cloth bags that are double stitched). Fill the bag with dried mustard seeds. Seal the fourth side by giving a double stitch. The pillow is ready. Adjust the quantity of mustard seeds to avoid the pillow being too hard or too soft. – ramyaramani 

Mustard pillow is the best option for infants as it will not create any pressure in the heads of the baby and will give him comfort also.- jeneliapeterson


Mustard seed pillow are very safe and are given to make the head uniform. The earlier you give it, the better.- Sanchita22 

It is safe as the pillow will be small and not big ones and the added advantage is that it keeps acid reflux in check. It is beneficial when the baby is in infant stage for then it will be lying most of the day. But for toddlers it may not benefit that much. – vjbunny