Editor’s Note: Your little one can be very active and outgoing in front of those who she knows well. But she could become very shy in front of those who are unknown to her. How can you help her to become more outgoing without pushing her to? Our IL members shares some tips with you. You can also write into us on this topic here. 

Real Life Interactions

Don’t worry about it. Everyone is different. In this day and age, particularly with internet, people spread all kinds of misinformation. Think about how out going kids were while we were growing up.Today, everyone lives in far off places, with no people contact, yet we want kids to adopt to all kinds of situations. Give them freedom to be whoever they are and they will turn fine. Don’t force them or push them against their wishes. Actively seek real life interactions and activities if you want them to improve in certain areas. – FromMars 

Give Space 

I think you just need to give some space to your child and she will open up on her own. Just continue your skype talks, conversations with relatives, etc without paying attention to her and let her Just observe. As time passes she will soon realize how much importance any given relative holds and she will adapt to it. – nikitamjain

Make Her Recognize Family

Every child is different. This is with majority toddlers living abroad.Even my son refuses v- chat.We don’t force him too much as may be they would feel like addressing audience! But regarding recognizing close relatives was not at all difficult with him. We show him our parents and other close ones of family photos almost everyday and ask him who they are for him. He tells them and claps himself! By this he did not feel any distance even when he 1st saw them.Train her mingle with all ages,gradually she would get used to. Don’t try if she is otherwise active. – DrPreetha

Role Plays

My DD (3yr) has bouts of shyness and boldness – sometimes she refuses to leave a shop because she wants to chat with the guy at the till and sometimes she hides her face even from her dad when he returns home from work. I try to do quite a bit of role play with her to prepare her for where we are going or who we are talking to. Also about what to speak to people when we meet them. For instance I try to chat about the weather or what she did or where she went. I pretend to be her preschool teacher and ask her questions; she gets to pretend to be my mum and talk from behind her laptop while I pretend to be my dd. I pick times when she is fresh and playful and receptive.

We also stand in front if the mirror sometimes trying to talk to the reflection. As for video chats, I remind her when the phone rings that the polite thing to do is say “hello” and exchange pleasantries. After that, I let her be; turn on the back camera I’d the people on the other end want to see what she is doing. We do have blips. She does act up but I am keen that she exchanges pleasantries with people she meets. Of course the new neighbours only get a pointed stare and an embarrassing question directed at me “oh no! he is saying hello. isn’t he a stranger, mummy?” – guesshoo